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Thursday, April 08, 2010


As Music Directors for LOVE, Sir George Martin and his son Giles Martin are at the epicenter of a revolution in the musical legacy of The Beatles. Using the master tapes at Abbey Road Studios, the Martins have spent the last two years constructing the music for LOVE by combining every facet of The Beatles recordings.

How hard was it to choose the songs that would become a part of LOVE?

Sir George Martin: "One of the challenges of the job was getting the balance of the songs right. We wanted to make sure there are enough good, solid hit songs in the show, but we don't want it to be a catalog of 'best of's'. We also wanted to put in some interesting and not well-known Beatles music and use fragments of songs."

What would you say was the greatest challenge you faced with LOVE?

Giles Martin: "Our mission was to try and achieve the same intimacy we get when listening to the master tapes at the studio. The songs sound so alive!"


The panoramic sound experience in the custom built theatre will be the closest anyone will get to hearing the band play live again and the closest anyone can get to actually being in the studios with them.

How would you describe the experience of LOVE?

Giles Martin: A lot of people listen to The Beatles in a conventional way (radio, MP3 Player or car, for example) but never in such a space. With the huge amount of speakers in the theatre, I think we will achieve a real sense of drama with the music, the audience will feel as though they are actually in the room with the band. People are going to be knocked out by what they are hearing!"

Using the techniques that Sir George Martin pioneered in the sixties, linked to the best technology today, Sir George and Giles have created a unique, groundbreaking soundscape of original Beatles music for the show. Each listener will be immersed in the world of The Beatles.

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