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TOTEM in Sydney, NSW

New South Wales, Australia
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What the media say about the show

"…a mesmeric creative team doing its most astonishing work yet…”
Los Angeles Times
“This celebration of sheer human achievement and audience appreciation is simply thrilling. It’s why we love Cirque du Soleil, and always will.”
Los Angeles Times
“GO! – A whimsical look at evolution … this production bursts with wonder at mankind’s feats.”
LA Weekly
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audience reviews

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This is my third visit to Cirque event and third time not lucky. I call it as I see it and so- 1]No access from public transport without a long hike not good if your wife is sporting a set of heels.2]Selection of drinks available obviously profit driven.3]They say first in first served and the early bird gets the best seats. Why was the centre unsold and empty. Look forward to more technical acrobatics not drama.

Member since May 2007

adele child, Australia

Monday, September 28, 2015 8:19 AM

Went to your wonderful show Friday 25th, Matinee show in Perth. You are all amazing, we could sit through the show again. We have been to all your shows except Ovo. Can't wait for the next one. The parking was easy too,

Member since July 2006

Ronald Robinson, Australia

Saturday, September 26, 2015 2:13 AM

AMAZING! saw show in Perth last night, this is my 9th Cirque show and it is right up there with my favourite Saltimbanco. Never heard such a loud applause at end. fabulous :)

Member since May 2015

Louise Davis, Australia

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 1:38 AM

Disappointing is the word that comes to mind to sum up this show. I was excited that cirque was coming back as I have been to the past two shows and brought my tickets in September 2014 waiting in anticipation to be mesmerized by the breathtaking acts, costumes and performance. Costumes were good!! I was bored half way through I was day dreaming The acts appeared to have been halved and time filled in by the "clowns" Needless to say I will never attend another show a waste of money!!!

Member since September 2014

Simone Carter, Australia

Friday, August 14, 2015 1:13 AM

Totem in Adelaide was very disappointing! Compared to the Michael Jackson tribute & Cirque Noir, last night’s effort was little better than a school pantomime with inappropriate humor thrown in. I assume all the good acts from Soleil have defected to Noir! The only acts that prevented me from walking out demanding my money back were the Mono-cyclists and the ladies whirling tablecloths. Refreshments also disappointing with exorbitantly priced alcohol & chips and popcorn! Very poor show Soleil!

Member since July 2013


Tuesday, June 23, 2015 7:33 PM

The show was absolutely amazing. I especially loved the ladies on the incredibly tall unicycles. Also the performances based around the huge Carapace were incredible too. There was great music throughout that really set the mood for the different acts. I'd highly recommend it!

Member since June 2015

Eddie Orlowski, Australia

Thursday, June 18, 2015 6:20 AM

The only thing breathtaking at the end of the night was how disappointed I was. Saw it Friday night and walked away shocked as I've heard nothing but rave reviews for all the other shows. 3 days later, I'm still a bit cut! Way too padded out with the monkeys and scientist, the "Valentino" character their weird musical disjointed and I honestly felt like I was watching a children's pantomime. Made me feel patronised and downright foolish for spending my time and money :(

Member since May 2015

Jen Yuen, Australia

Monday, May 25, 2015 3:44 AM

Very disappointing and nowhere near the level of entertainment of previous shows.I was waiting for the spectacular act but instead wasted time with funny acts . Missing acts and as a result a disjointed story. Limited performers with limited appeal.I will certainly rethink before purchasing tickets for future shows

Member since July 2012

Tanya Richardson, Australia

Sunday, May 24, 2015 5:12 AM

I would like to review the performance for 21st May but at 3:00pm the day of the performance I was called and advised that the VIP experience was not being offered that night. Having traveled from interstate for this performance and to be called 4 hours before the performance to me is unacceptable. I was offered alternate seats (not in the VIP area) but the experience would not have been as good based on other performances I have seen. I will be thinking twice before booking again.

Member since April 2004

Scott Trigge, Australia

Saturday, May 23, 2015 6:22 AM

As usual fantastic costuming and great set but if it had been my first show it would have been the last.I purchased seats at the side of stage section 203 and was disappointed that the set and performance were designed to be viewed from the front. If you are performing in the round please design the set and perform to all of your audience.I feel cheated.Your good reviews must have been from people seated front of stage.Most acts viewed 'side on' looked unimpressive and we missed the visuals.

Member since March 2011

Phillip Glosko, Australia

Thursday, May 21, 2015 8:25 PM

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