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  • The Pageant

    The Royal Barge carries the Twins to the festivities as they play on the deck. They are entertained by the court with a martial arts demonstration of strength and agility, including Wushu, Chinese Opera, and Brazilian Capoeira. The Twins display their musical ability with a light-hearted duet on flute, while the Nursemaid entertains guests with a lively Flamenco dance. Just beyond their peaceful kingdom, imminent danger lurks as Archers and Spearmen prepare to attack.

  • The Storm

    To escape the Archers and Spearmen, the Nursemaid drags the Twin Sister onto a boat and they escape by sea, only to encounter a massive storm that capsizes their vessel. The specially-designed boat structure weighs almost 1800 pounds and the rocking and turning movements are completely manipulated by the artists onboard.

  • The Deep

    The Nursemaid falls into the depths of the rough sea followed by the Twin Sister who plunges to rescue her. Air bubbles are created through interactive video projections triggered by infrared sensors that react to the movement of the artists.

  • The Archer's Den

    The Archers and Spearmen celebrate their victory while their prisoners languish. The Counselor's Son introduces his diabolical creation, a machine that grinds bones with the magical ore to unleash the destructive power of fire.

  • The Wash-up on the Shore

    Following the boat's sinking, the Twin Sister, Nurse and Valets are reunited on a golden sandy beach. They encounter giant sea creatures, including a silly turtle, mischievous starfish, curious blue potato bug and a playful crab. The human-sized puppets are designed to accentuate the acrobatic proficiency of the performers while maintaining the animals' natural movements. The sand is created using 350 cubic feet of granular cork.

  • The Shadow Play

    While guiding the Twin Brother away from danger, the Court Jester distracts the frightened boy by teaching him the art of shadow puppets. These simple yet poignant gestures represent one of the earliest forms of story telling.

  • The Blizzard

    The Twin Sister is rescued by a fur-clad Mountain Tribe, who also discover the Nursemaid wandering aimlessly, and reunite the two. The tribesmen show off their climbing prowess by manually ascending 50 feet to join their fellow tribesmen on the mountaintop, as created by the Sand Cliff Deck in its upright vertical position. The accompanying video projection of the frozen cliff face reacts to the performers' movements to create falling rocks.

  • The Twin Brother in Captivity

    The captured Twin Brother is imprisoned. Just as things seem hopeless, he discovers a friend in the Chief Archer's Daughter. After sharing a tender moment, she sets him free and then expresses her flirtatious desires through a touching performance using the Twins' flutes.

  • The Forest People

    Bright luminous creatures inhabit a majestic forest, which is also the home to larger-than-life bugs, flowers and a stunning 80-foot snake. The Firefly Boy glides and dives as he performs aerial acrobatics and is soon joined by the Twin Sister when she plummets from the flying bird into his world. Together they perform an aerial duet and make a special connection. The Forest People are agile high in the trees performing on bungees and soaring through the trees.

  • Aftermath

    Triumphant in battle, harmony is restored to the empire. Being blinded in the battle has allowed the Counselor's Son to see the error of his ways. His gift to the kingdom is a spectacular presentation of fireworks to illuminate and unite in peace.