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KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities

In an alternate yet familiar past, in a place where wonders abound for those who trust their imagination, a Seeker discovers that in order to glimpse the marvels that lie just below the surface, we must first learn to close our eyes.

In his larger-than-life curio cabinet, the Seeker is convinced that there exists a hidden, invisible world – a place where the craziest ideas and the grandest dreams lie waiting. A collection of otherworldly characters suddenly steps into his makeshift mechanical world. When the outlandish, benevolent characters turn his world upside down with a touch of poetry and humor in an attempt to ignite the Seeker’s imagination, his curios jump to life one by one before his very eyes.

What if by engaging our imagination and opening our minds we could unlock the door to a world of wonders?


De gira en Canadá, EE. UU.

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KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities - Creadores

  • Michel Laprise

    Writer and Director

    Michel Laprise worked in theater for nine years as an actor, director and artistic director before joining Cirque du Soleil in 2000. Even before he was out of theatre school, Michel had started his own creation company, Théâtre Pluriel, which spawned the innovative productions Fenêtre sur Qui?, Tonalités and Masculin-Féminin that have garnered both popular and critical acclaim. He also went on international tours with the Théâtre des Deux-Mondes as well as with the duo formed by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon. At Cirque du Soleil, Michel spent five years as a talent scout before taking on, in 2006, the role of Special Events Designer. In that capacity, he directed the act with Quebec diva Diane Dufresne during the Opening Ceremonies of the Montreal 2006 Outgames; the large-scale performance event created for the launch of the Fiat Bravo in Italy (2007); the Cirque du Soleil performance event celebrating Quebec City’s 400th anniversary (2008); the launch of Microsoft’s Kinect console at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, broadcast on MTV; the opening show at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Russia in 2009; and the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 FIBA International Basketball Federation World Championships in Istanbul. In 2012, Michel collaborated with pop star Madonna, providing artistic direction for her performance at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show; he later went on to direct her MDNA tour. In 2013, he directed the musical Robin des Bois – Ne renoncez jamais, to be presented in France, Belgium and Switzerland. A graduate of the National Theatre School in Montreal, Michel Laprise studied at London’s Royal Academy and at the Scuola Internazionale dell’Attore Comico in Reggio Emilia (Italy) as an Acfas grant holder. KURIOS – Cabinet of curiosities is Michel Laprise’s first engagement as Director of a Cirque du Soleil touring show.

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  • Chantal Tremblay

    Director of Creation

    At the end of the 1980s, while living in New York pursuing a career in dance, Chantal Tremblay decides to join Cirque du Soleil after having seen one the company’s shows. Chantal started out as a dancer on a Cirque project and then became choreographer Debra Brown’s assistant on the creation of Mystère. Before Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour Chantal has worked on many Cirque projects including the shows Alegría, La Nouba and Mystère for which she once was the Artistic Director. Later on her solid credentials helped her land the position of Director of Creation on both The Beatles LOVE and OVO.

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  • Stéphane Roy

    Diseñador de escenografía y de atrezo

    Stéphane Roy estudió en la Escuela Nacional de Teatro de Canadá y ha trabajado como diseñador artístico o de escenografía en más de cien producciones, tanto en Montreal como en el extranjero. Aunque su trayectoria se centra en el teatro y la danza, también ha trabajado en cine, televisión, publicidad y espectáculos de variedades.

    A lo largo de su carrera, Stéphane ha establecido estrechas colaboraciones con diversos directores y colectivos artísticos: por ejemplo, creó la escenografía de varias obras representadas en Espace Go y en el Théâtre du Nouveau Monde de Montreal, y a partir de 1990 colaboró como diseñador de escenografía con varias compañías de danza de renombre internacional, como La La La Human Steps y O Vertigo, en distintas producciones.

    Con semejante trayectoria profesional, un padre arquitecto, una madre involucrada en el mundo del teatro y un innovador enfoque social y artístico de los espacios de representación, el camino de Stéphane estaba predestinado a cruzarse con el de Cirque du Soleil. Su colaboración comenzó con la creación de Dralion y continuó con Varekai, Zumanity, KOOZA y, ahora, con Zarkana.

    En 2011, Stéphane se convirtió en uno de los tres artistas nombrados permanentemente por el grupo de Montreal Nature Museums (Museos Naturaleza de Montreal) para crear vínculos orgánicos entre los cuatro museos de historia natural de la ciudad. También diseñó la exposición El emperador guerrero y el ejército de terracota de China del Museo de Bellas Artes de Montreal.

    Sus logros profesionales le han hecho merecedor de numerosos premios y galardones. Entre otros honores, fue nombrado Artista revelación del año, en todas las categorías, por la Association Québécoise des Critiques de Théâtre en 1989. En 1992, esa misma asociación le otorgó el galardón al mejor diseño escenográfico. Otros organismos que han reconocido su talento son el Conseil des Arts de la Communauté Urbaine de Montréal, la Academia de Cine y Televisión de Canadá y la Académie Québécoise du Théâtre.

    "En un mundo lírico y fantástico como el de Zarkana, el escenario (en este caso, un teatro destartalado y abandonado) es un personaje por derecho propio. Las paredes cantan, se mueven y respiran", afirma Stéphane Roy. "Hemos buscado una estética inspirada en los albores del siglo pasado, entre 1910 y 1930, a medio camino entre Gaudí, Klimt y el art nouveau. Las siluetas orgánicas son un guiño al maestro orfebre y vidriero francés René Lalique".

    Stéphane Roy vive en Montreal.

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  • Philippe Guillotel

    Costume Designer

    Philippe Guillotel began designing and making costumes when he was just eight. As soon as he could, he studied design, cutting and sewing at various schools in Paris. After a decade in the world of fashion he discovered dance, and through it, his true calling: costume allied to movement.

    Since 1985, Philippe has worked for many high profile French movie and theatre directors. He has had a long working relationship with the renowned French choreographer Philippe Decouflé for whom he designed the astonishing costumes seen in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. He also worked with Decouflé on the opening ceremonies of the 50th Cannes film festival in 1997 and Tricodex, a multimedia work for the Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon, in 2003. Between 2001 and 2005, his designs were featured in four ballets, including La Belle, staged by the Ballets de Monte Carlo.

    Philippe designed the exuberant costumes for the 2002 feature film Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cleopatra, for which he received a César award, and prior to that, the films Doggy Bag and À la Mode. In 2007 he designed the costumes for choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot’s production of Gounod’s Faust in Wiesbaden. He has been equally active in the world of live shows, designing the costumes for the musical Starmania in 1995 for Canadian composer and director Lewis Furey, and videos for a number of artists such as Julien Clerc and Alain Souchon.

    With his costumes for IRIS, Philippe is working on his second Cirque du Soleil production, following The Beatles LOVE. "Cirque du Soleil has the biggest costume shop in the world,” he says. “Its scope gives designers permission to allow their imaginations a much freer rein than anywhere else."

    "I explored several distinct themes with the IRIS costumes: capturing and transmitting images, sound and light," he says. “I also wanted to reflect the evolution of color in film from black and white to the saturated colors of Dick Tracy, passing through colorization and Technicolor. I would like the costumes in IRIS to trigger what each spectator imagines when someone says the word ‘cinema.’"

    Philippe Guillotel was born in Paris.

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  • Raphaël Beau

    Composer and Musical Director

    After studying the piano and writing at Conservatoire national de région de Toulouse, Raphaël Beau deepened his knowledge of musical language at the Conservatoire national de région de Paris with Jean-François Zygel. At the same time, he undertook musicology studies at Université de la Sorbonne in Paris and became a certified music teacher (holder of the agrégation). From 2000 to 2004, Raphaël goes on a European tour with the band Spook and the Guay and performs in several festival in France including Les Vieilles charrues, Le Printemps de Bourges, Le Fête de l’humanité. The tour also took him to the Zigets Festival in Budapest and the BAM Festival in Barcelona, among others. In 2008, he turned toward composing for orchestra and wrote the music for Georges Feydeau’s musical L’Âge d’or staged by Yves Pignot. In 2009, he composed the original music for Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s latest motion picture Micmacs, a director with whom he collaborated again in 2010 on a commercial. In 2010, he composed the music for “Grants,” an Australian advertisement for Commonwealth bank made by Jeunet. A year later, he composed the soundtrack for Defective Detective, a short American animation film written by Avner Geller and Stevie Lewis – winners of the 38th Student Academy awards – picking up an award at the Burbank International Film Festival. With KURIOS – Cabinet of curiosities, Raphaël Beau writes his first score for a Cirque du Soleil show.

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  • Bob & Bill


    Los compositores y arreglistas Guy Dubuc y Marc Lessard (también conocidos como Bob & Bill) son famosos por su capacidad de desdibujar las líneas entre géneros y estilos. En 2003, compusieron la música de Splinter Cell (Pandora Tomorrow), un videojuego éxito de ventas de Ubisoft. También han producido varios álbumes, incluyendo Bahiatronica de Mónica Freire y Pink Floyd Redux, una colección de canciones mezcladas de la banda británica, así como la banda de sonido del espectáculo KOOZA de Cirque du Soleil. En 2004, Bob & Bill proporcionaron la dirección y los arreglos musicales para el espectáculo Midnight Sun de Cirque du Soleil, como parte de las celebraciones de los 25 años del Festival internacional de jazz de Montreal y el aniversario de los 20 años de Cirque du Soleil. Tres veces nominados al premio ADISQ de la industria musical de Québec, los dos compañeros de trabajo también crearon la música de varias películas y series de televisión, y compusieron la música para la producción del director Robert Lepage, Pageant de Canotgraphie. En 2008, el dúo lanzó su primer álbum, Crime Report, una obra que fusiona sonidos electrónicos y orgánicos. Bob & Bill trabajaron muchas veces con el Cirque du Soleil para crear los arreglos musicales de distintos eventos especiales. Desde el año 2009, también han trabajado como compositores para el Cirque du Soleil. Compusieron la música para los espectáculos TOTEM (2010), dirigido por Robert Lepage y Amaluna (2012), dirigido por Diane Paulus. Bob & Bill también escribieron la música para el tercer y quinto capítulos de Les Chemins Invisibles (2011 y 2013), un espectáculo gratuito en exteriores que se presentó en la ciudad de Quebec en verano. KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities será el quinto espectáculo del Cirque du Soleil para el que compondrán.

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  • Yaman Okur


    It was in his early teenage years that Yaman Okur discovered his love for dance. After only a year of refining his talent as a student of contemporary dance, ballet, and jazz at the Académie Internationale de Danse (France), he was invited to join the French crew of “Trafic de Style”  before becoming an integral dancer of “Wanted Posse” in Paris in 1999. Only a few years later in 2001, Yaman took home the remarkable title of BBoy World Champion at the International Battle of the Year in Germany. Yaman, though anchored in hip-hop, further perfected his own style over the years, which resulted in his first place win in the Experimental category of Juste Debout’s 2007 competition in France. His acute sense of music and unparalleled body control have led him to win numerous battles and competitions. He finished third at the 2010 TV series La France a un incroyable talent. His choreographic abilities and work have been recognized both nationally and internationally, reflected in works created for his own dance crew, Pro Phenomen to work for Madonna (Sticky and Sweet and MDNA tours). Yaman Okur takes part in the creation of a Cirque du Soleil show for the first time with KURIOS – Cabinet of curiosities.

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  • Ben Potvin

    Acrobatic Choreographer

    A former national competitive gymnast, Ottawa-born Ben Potvin joined Cirque du Soleil as an artist during the creation of “O” in 1997. He performed on this show for six years and acted as coach-performer for the production’s aerial hoops act. In 2004, he joined Dragone as an artist, coach-performer, dance captain, talent scout and act designer. Ben also designed acts for the show Voyage (Tokyo, Japan) and coordinated events at Utmost Entertainment Production. In 2009, he came back to Cirque du Soleil as a head coach on the show Viva ELVIS and later took on the acrobatic development role during the creation of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour and Amaluna. Michael Jackson ONE marks Ben’s first assignment as Acrobatic Choreographer, a mandate in which he will leverage his vision and experience in both the acrobatic and artistic realms.

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  • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui


    Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui has worked for theaters, opera and dance companies, ranging from the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Sadler's Wells in London, the Grand Theatre of Geneva to Les Ballets C. de la B. His choreographies have earned him a series of prizes including a Benois de la Danse, two Laurence Olivier Awards and two National Dance Awards. In 2008 and 2011 Tanz magazine proclaimed him 'Choreographer of the Year'. In 2010, he founded his own company. For Eastman he created Play with Shantala Shivalingappa and Babel(words) with Damien Jalet and Antony Gormley. In 2011 he set up TeZukA, a piece for 15 dancers and musicians inspired by the Japanese manga author Osamu Tezuka. In 2012 he created Puz/zle with the Corsican men’s choir A Filetta, Lebanese singer Fadia Tomb El-Hage and Japanese musician Kazunari Abe. That same year he helmed the choreography for Anna Karenina, Joe Wright’s movie. Michael Jackson ONE is his first collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Susan Gaudreau


    Susan Gaudreau has worked as a dancer and choreographer for over 20 years in a variety of styles that include contemporary dance, jazz, ethnic, tap and classical ballet. She has worked with a number of Montreal dance companies such as Rubberband Dance, FLAK, Cas Publique and La La La Human Steps, among others. From 1989 to 2008, she was principal dancer, dance captain and assistant to the artistic director at Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, for which she choreographed Rhythm #5 (2000) and ZAP (1996). Throughout her career, Susan took part in a number of projects as a freelance artist. She danced in YES (2001), created by Debra Brown and René Bazinet, collaborated on television specials and variety shows, and was involved in a series of special events for Cirque du Soleil in Canada and abroad. Susan Gaudreau lent her talents as artistic coach to Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE and was assistant to the choreographer on Amaluna, Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL and Zarkana. KURIOS – Cabinet of curiosities is her first engagement on a Cirque du Soleil show as choreographer.

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  • Andrea Ziegler

    Acrobatic Choreographer

    A graduate from Ryerson University's Theater School in Canada, Andrea has performed as a dancer, singer or character for over 20 years for several renowned companies including La La La Human Steps, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (The Nutcracker), Livent (The Phantom of the Opera), Dragone (A New Day with Céline Dion) and Cirque du Soleil.  At Cirque, she performed in the shows MystèreQuidam and in numerous special events around the world. Andrea also held the position of Dance Master on Viva ELVIS in Las Vegas. Michael Jackson ONE is her first show as acrobatic choreographer for Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Jacques Boucher

    Diseñador de Sonido

    Durante más de 25 años, Jacques Boucher ha creado ambientes de sonido para diversas producciones en Québec y más allá. Jacques también trabajó como técnico de sonido para distintos artistas de Québec, incluyendo a Richard Séguin, Laurence Jalbert, Diane Dufresne y Bruno Pelletier. Desarrolló experiencia en diseño de sonido para musicales como Drácula (2006) y eventos a gran escala; entre ellos, el mega espectáculo 2000 voix chantent le monde, presentado en la ciudad de Québec en 2000, con más de 2,300 cantantes en escena. En 2008, a Jacques le pidieron que manejara el sonido de casi todos los eventos presentados como parte de las celebraciones de los 400 años de la ciudad de Québec. Como diseñador de sonido y jefe de sonido, diseñó el sonido para la representación de Symphonie des mille de Gustav Mahler en la Orquesta sinfónica de Québec, The Image Mill de Robert Lepage, para la cual diseñó un impresionante sistema de sonido con un alcance de 1.2 km, y el espectáculo especial presentado por Cirque du Soleil. Jacques también trabaja como diseñador de sonido y jefe de sonido de algunos eventos especiales de Cirque du Soleil . Después de TOTEM, formará parte de su segundo espectáculo con Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Martin Labrecque

    Lighting Designer

    Martin Labrecque’s professional credits include more than 140 theatrical productions, as well as circus shows. Martin contributed to the critical success of several Quebec shows. He has won many Quebec awards for his lighting design in addition to several nominations. Martin Labrecque created the lighting for two critically acclaimed circus shows produced by Cirque Éloize, Rain and Nomade, as well as Cirque du Soleil shows Corteo, KOOZA, Viva ELVIS and Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour before KURIOS – Cabinet of curiosities. In 2009, Martin designed the lighting for an eleven-hour show by Canadian author, director and actor Wajdi Mouawad, which was presented in the courtyard of the Palais des Papes in Avignon, France. He also worked on the show Paradis Perdu, directed by Dominic Champagne and presented in Montreal and Belles Soeurs (2011) directed by René Richard Cyr.

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  • Rob Bollinger

    Diseñador de Acrobacias

    Ya a los nueve años, Rob Bollinger era un gimnasta competitivo de la cama elástica y se asoció con su padre para inventar la mini cama elástica doble, ya que su familia tenía un club de camas elásticas en Illinois, donde creció. Estudió Administración de empresas en la universidad de Indiana con una beca como trampolinista competitivo. Ganó dos campeonatos nacionales de clavado y calificó para las eliminatorias de las Olimpíadas de 1980 y 1984. No logró entrar en el equipo en ninguna de las dos ocasiones y al principio se apartó del mundo de los deportes competitivos. Rob probó distintos trabajos en la aeronáutica y los seguros, pero siempre se sintió irresistiblemente atraído a la acrobacia, así que trabajó en espectáculos de clavado en parques temáticos, lo cual lo llevó por toda Europa. Al regresar a Estados Unidos, usó su talento como trampolinista y atleta de cama elástica para trabajar en películas y televisión como doble profesional, entre otros lugares, para Universal Studios. Rob se unió a Cirque du Soleil en 1993 durante la creación del primer espectáculo residente, Mystère, como entrenador y artista en la casa teatral original del espectáculo. En 1997, se unió a "O", primero como entrenador, luego como coordinador artístico y, con el tiempo, lo nombraron director artístico de la producción. Además, añadió a sus responsabilidades la dirección artística de Mystère. Es el segundo espectáculo de Rob como diseñador de representaciones acrobáticas luego de ZAIA.

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  • Germain Guillemot

    Acrobatic Performance Designer

    A graduate from Centre national des arts du cirque in Châlon, France, Germain Guillemot started his career with the French troupe Cirque Archaos and toured with the company for two years. With other circus fellows he created the French circus company Les Arts Sauts where he worked both as a creator and performer for 15 years. Germain joined Cirque du Soleil in 2007 as a coach for the flying trapeze act on ZED and then became Acrobatic Training Manager for Viva ELVIS. Michael Jackson ONE is Germain Guillemot’s second collaboration with Cirque du Soleil as Acrobatic Designer after Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour.

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  • Boris Verkhovsky

    Acrobatic Performance Designer

    Early in his acrobatics career Boris Verkhovsky discovered he was more interested in coaching than competing. Following his graduation from the Institute of Physical and Sports Culture in Minsk, Belarus with a degree in Physical Education and Sports, he rose through the ranks to become a coach of the national acrobatics team of the former Soviet Union.

    Boris emigrated to Canada in 1978 and quickly had to adapt his coaching style to the Canadian amateur sport environment. He eventually became Head Coach of the Canadian national trampoline and tumbling team, and was approached by Cirque du Soleil in 1993 to consult on a proposed tumbling act for the Las Vegas resident show Mystère.

    He was subsequently named Head Coach of Acrobatic Training at Cirque du Soleil and is currently Director of Performance Design and Development – Creation.

    Although IRIS is Boris’s first “hands-on” Cirque du Soleil show as Acrobatic Performance Designer since the creation of Corteo, he has been deeply involved in the development and creation of every Cirque production since he joined the company – a process he likens to a balancing act made up of many interlocking skills and talents.

    “To keep people on the edge of their seats, we wanted the acrobatics in IRIS to mirror the drama and excitement of film,” says Boris Verkhovsky. “To help achieve that, we’ve integrated the live action on stage closely with the projections on screen so the audience might from time to time forget whether they’re watching a live performance or a movie.”

    Boris Verkhovsky was born in Vitebsk, Belarus.

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  • Danny Zen

    Equipo acrobático y diseñador de instalaciones

    Danny Zen llegó a Cirque du Soleil en 1990 para trabajar como soldador en los talleres de la compañía. Ese mismo año formó parte de la primera gira europea de Le Cirque Réinventé y, a continuación, se pasó a Nouvelle Expérience, donde trabajó como soldador, ensamblador, mecánico y jefe de sala. En 1992, participó en la gira de Saltimbanco como técnico de carpa.

    Desde 1993, Danny lleva a cabo tareas de desarrollo en el estudio creativo de Cirque du Soleil. Sus innovaciones como rigger jefe y experto técnico han contribuido en gran medida a establecer los rigurosos estándares de Cirque a la hora de formar a sus riggers y garantizar la seguridad de los intérpretes y el personal técnico en todo momento.

    Danny ha trabajado en la Escuela Nacional de Circo de Montreal y, a lo largo de varios años, ha participado en la creación de casi todo el material que se utiliza en las acrobacias aéreas de los espectáculos Alegría, Mystère, Quidam, Dralion, Varekai, La Nouba, “O” y KÀ. Además, fue rigger jefe de Quidam en 1996 y, en 2008, creó las instalaciones y el equipamiento para las acrobacias de la celebración del cuatricentenario de la ciudad de Quebec.

    Zarkana es la tercera producción de Cirque du Soleil en la que Danny Zen trabaja como diseñador de instalaciones y equipo acrobático, tras Corteo y KOOZA.

    "El equipo acrobático de Zarkana está diseñado para armonizar con los decorados", afirma. "La ambientación se inspira en la estética de los años 30, que también es el periodo en el que transcurre la historia. Me fascinan las curvas y las formas orgánicas que caracterizan a esa época. Algunas de mis fuentes de inspiración son el estilo art nouveau del maestro orfebre y vidriero francés Lalique, así como la obra del arquitecto e ingeniero español Calatrava".

    Danny Zen nació en Saint-Luc, Quebec (Canadá).

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  • Eleni Uranis

    Diseñadora de maquillaje

    Eleni Uranis se unió a Cirque du Soleil en 1989 como asistente de la diseñadora de vestuario Dominique Lemieux. Luego, trabajó en distintos espectáculos, donde fue responsable de la búsqueda de materiales, pruebas de vestuario y control de calidad artística. Más adelante, diseñó trajes para el espectáculo Pomp Duck and Circumstance, realizado en Hamburgo (Alemania) desde 1997 a 1999. En 2002, trabajó junto a la diseñadora de renombre mundial, Thierry Mugler, para diseñar el vestuario de Zumanity. En 2004, la carrera de Eleni Uranis dio un giro marcado cuando se unió al taller de maquillaje de Cirque du Soleil, donde vería cómo los artistas de Dralion le daban vida a sus ideas. Entre 2004 y 2006, Eleni Uranis fue asistente de la diseñadora de maquillaje Nathalie Gagné en varios espectáculos y, en 2005, diseñó el maquillaje de Reflections in Blue, el espectáculo que Cirque produjo para las ceremonias de apertura de los XI Campeonatos acuáticos mundiales de FINA. Con Amaluna, Eleni diseña el maquillaje para su sexta producción de Cirque du Soleil luego de Dralion, Wintuk, ZED, Banana Shpeel y Zarkana.

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