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Michael Jackson ONE

Michael Jackson ONE es una evocación teatral del genio creativo de Michael. Cuatro inadaptados que se guían e inspiran con su música, emprenden una aventura que transformará sus vidas. Al final del viaje, personificarán la agilidad, la valentía, la alegría y el amor de Michael.


Espectáculo permanente en Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

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Michael Jackson ONE - Creadores

  • Jamie King

    Writer and Director

    Jamie King is the leading concert director in the world of pop music today and Michael Jackson ONE is King's second show with Cirque du Soleil, having served as writer & director of the Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. In 2011, Variety published a special tribute celebrating King's career as "Billion Dollar Show Director" highlighting the nineteen pop music tours he has choreographed and directed and his overall impact on the global music industry. Variety previously named King as one of the most influential “movers and shakers” in the music industry, having created some of the highest grossing concert tours of all time. In 2012, King was executive producer and star of the hit Latin talent reality series (and Las Vegas live show) Q'Viva! The Chosen in partnership with Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony and Simon Fuller. For the past sixteen years, King has worked as Madonna's creative director, overseeing her 2012 Superbowl Halftime Show and serving as creative producer of the MDNA world tour. King previously directed Madonna's Sticky & Sweet, Confessions, Re-Invention and Drowned World tours and directed her hit music video Sorry. Other King directed tours include Rihanna (Loud; Last Girl On Earth), Britney Spears (Femme Fatal; Circus; Oops I Did It Again), Celine Dion (Taking Chances), Ricky Martin (Black and White; La Vida Loca), Christina Aguilera (Back to Basics; Stripped), Avril Lavigne (Best Damn) and The Return of the Spice Girls. A multiple Emmy Award® and MTV Video Music Award® nominee, and greatly influenced by his early years working for both Prince and Michael Jackson (with whom he toured as one of four dancers on the Dangerous world tour), King has worked with an array of superstars including Mariah Carey, Shakira, George Michael, Asian superstar Rain, Elton John, Diana Ross and even Ellen DeGeneres.

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  • Welby Altidor

    Director of Creation

    Welby is most fascinated with the creative genius of others and the ways to unleash this inner force. He studied theatre and communications before pursuing his interests in various other realms such as philosophy, political science, literature and public relations. He played a key role in a prominent Canadian casting agency prior to joining Cirque du Soleil’s casting department in the late 1990s, where he had a hand in recruiting more than a thousand artists for various Cirque du Soleil shows. Welby then took on the Director of Strategic Relations, Arts, Circus and Sports role in which he was called upon to develop strategic partnerships in more than a dozen countries, including an important alliance with the International Gymnastics Federation. Welby also led a number of large-scale creative projects as a director of creation in the Images, Events and Lifestyle division. Michael Jackson ONE marks Welby Altidor’s first mandate as Director of Creation for a Cirque du Soleil show.

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  • Carla Kama

    Associate Show Director

    Over the last twenty years, Carla has worked in all facets of the entertainment industry as a performer as well as a choreographer, director and producer. Carla was the sixth member of the original “Fly Girls” on the Emmy-winning television series In Living Color. She was also a founding member and associate choreographer for The Pussycat Dolls. Carla worked with Jamie King, as supervising choreographer for Britney Spears Circus World Tour, and as associate show director for Q’Viva Live featuring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Rihanna Loud World Tour and The Last Girl On Earth World Tour, as well as The Spice Girls The Return of The Spice Girls World Tour, Avril Lavigne Best Damn Tour World Tour, and Korean pop star, RAIN Rain’s Coming World Tour. Carla has showcased her choreography and musical staging talents in projects for Prince, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Jane’s Addiction, Carmen Electra, Kid Rock, & ZZ Top. Her choreography can be seen in the sexy burlesque scenes in HBO’s Carnivale, Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease and The Young & the Restless. Carla’s choreography credits also include the musical staging and sizzling dance work in Las Vegas Mandalay Bay's STORM. She has also worked in the musical theater world, choreographing the European touring productions of Grease and HAIR 'The Musical'. Michael Jackson ONE is Carla’s second collaboration with Cirque du Soleil after Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour.

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  • Kevin Antunes

    Musical Director

    Kevin Antunes is a musical designer, musical director, keyboardist and digital audio programmer. His most recent tour was working directly for Madonna on her record breaking  MDNA world tour. Kevin was the Musical Designer and performed on stage with Madonna at the 2012 SuperBowl Halftime show. This is his second tour with Madonna with the first being the Sticky & Sweet World Tour – the top selling solo artist tour of all time. Kevin produced the stereo and surround sound audio mix for the live stadium concert from Argentina released on DVD in 2010. He also worked directly with Rihanna as her Musical Designer for her 2011 Loud World Tour with a 2013 scheduled DVD release date. This culminated in a 2012 Grammy Award performance featuring Rihanna and Coldplay. Kevin has also worked with Justin Timberlake for the since 1998 starting with *NSYNC, which then transitioned into Justin's solo career. The stereo and surround sound audio of Justin’s HBO Live Concert Broadcast of his FutureSex/LoveSounds (which was released on DVD) was also mixed by Kevin. Throughout his career Kevin has performed with Janet Jackson, Timbaland, Britney Spears, Aerosmith, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg, Christina Aguilera, Lady Antebellum, P Diddy, Pharrell Williams, Enrique Iglesias, Backstreet Boys, Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch, and the New Kids on the Block, among others. Kevin has performed on many major television events and music award shows including The Grammy Awards, The Academy Awards, three Super Bowl Halftime shows, HBO & Showtime Original Live Concerts, Hope for Haiti Now benefit concert, Canadian SARS benefit concert, Amnesty International, Rock-n-Rio, MTV Awards, The Brit Awards, The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, and Saturday Night LiveMichael Jackson ONE is Kevin’s second collaboration with Cirque du Soleil after Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour.

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  • Francois Séguin

    Set and Props Designer

    François Séguin pursued an impressive career in theatre and opera before gaining international recognition in the world of cinema. He has worked with Quebec companies such as Théâtre du Rideau-Vert, Nouvelle Compagnie Théâtrale, Grands Ballets Canadiens and Théâtre de Quat’Sous. During his prolific career, François worked in Canada and abroad. Through his longtime collaboration with François Girard, he designed the sets of the contemporary oratorio Lost Objects, presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, as well as a double-bill staging of The Seven Deadly Sins and Kurt Weil’s The Lindberg Flight, presented in Lyon, Edinburgh and Wellington (New Zealand). He made his debut in the realm of cinema as a set designer during the early 1980s. His most notable film credits include Silk (2008 Jutra award for Best Art Direction) and The Red Violin (1998), both directed by Girard. He has worked on other feature films including L’âge des ténèbres (2008), Les invasions barbares (2003), Afterglow (1997), Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994), Love and Human Remains (1993), Léolo (1992), Being At Home with Claude (1992), and Jésus de Montréal (1989). After ZED, Michael Jackson ONE marks François Séguin’s second collaboration with Cirque du Soleil as Set Designer.

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  • Zaldy Goco

    Costume Designer

    Zaldy is one of New York’s most celebrated and innovative designers.  Since 2001 he has created custom looks for entertainment icons such as Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, Will I. Am, Rufus Wainwright, Scissor Sisters, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Halle Berry, Parker Posey, Gabourey Sidebe, and Mick Jagger among others. In 2009 Zaldy was named head designer for Michael Jackson’s This Is It concert series as well as Lady Gaga’s first North American Monster Ball Tour. He was the man behind Gwen Stefani’s label L.A.M.B. collaborating with Stefani for nearly four years while maintaining his namesake label. Michael Jackson ONE is his second collaboration with Cirque du Soleil since Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour.

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  • Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon

    Show Writers and Directors, Multimedia Directors

    The duo formed by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon masterfully integrates theatre, film, dance, poetry, visual arts, music and sound to create unique theatrical worlds. On the heels of his initial experiments with music and multimedia that have earned him international recognition, designer and performer Michel Lemieux teamed up with visual artist Victor Pilon during the early 1980s. Together, they formed Lemieux Pilon 4D Art, a creative company that designs unique shows in which the senses and emotions are heightened through the use of new technologies. La Belle et la Bête, NORMAN (a tribute to Canadian film-maker Norman McLaren), Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Anima (inspired by the words of anthropologist Desmond Morris), Orfeo (based on the myth of Orpheus), Pôle, Grand Hôtel des Étrangers, and Voix de passage are some of the works on which Lemieux and Pilon have built their stellar reputation. In collaboration with Montreal and Quebec opera companies, they created the opera Starmania. The duo also collaborates regularly on exhibitions, special events and permanent multimedia productions. They created Continuum, a production based on the music of Philip Glass, the first multimedia show presented at the Rio Tinto planetarium in Montreal. The creations of Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon have been acclaimed in Canada, the United States, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Asia. TORUK – The First Flight marks their fourth collaboration on a Cirque du Soleil show, after DELIRIUM, Midnight Sun, which commemorated respectively the 20th and 25th anniversaries of Cirque du Soleil and the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Michael Jackson ONE.

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  • Travis Payne


    Twice Emmy-nominated choreographer, director, and producer Travis Payne is an acknowledged innovator of screen, stage, and song. Born and raised in Atlanta, Payne’s work encompasses some of the most influential visual and musical moments of contemporary pop culture, created for and performed by global entertainment icons from Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Shakira, and Usher to Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, The Pussycat Dolls’, Nicole Scherzinger, and Madonna. Payne was a collaborator on and off for more than 15 years with the late Michael Jackson. He served as associate director and co-choreographer with Michael as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London in July 2009 and was the associate producer on the award winning film, Michael Jackson’s This Is It, documenting those rehearsals. Payne began his career as a dancer on Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 World Tour and was soon choreographing for Jackson and En Vogue as well as Madonna, Sting, Lenny Kravitz, Paula Abdul, Faith Hill, and Ricky Martin. In addition to his Emmy Awards, Payne is a two-time recipient of the Music Video Producers Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography, an Obie Award winner, and a four-time winner of the MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography. Michael Jackson ONE is his second collaboration with Cirque du Soleil after Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour.

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  • Rich and Tone Talauega


    Rich + Tone Talauega are two of the most sought after creative directors, choreographers, producers, and directors in today’s film, music, TV and commercial industries. As teenagers, Rich + Tone were discovered by Michael Jackson's choreographer while free-styling at a club in Oakland, California. Within months of moving to Los Angeles, Rich + Tone toured with both Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. They continued to work with Michael over the years on various projects and were the choreographers chosen to work on the short film for “Hollywood Tonight” from the posthumous Michael Jackson album, Michael. Rich + Tone have proven themselves as world class choreographers, having multiple MTV Award nominations, as well as an Emmy nomination for Best Choreography. The two are renowned for their diversified abilities and unique style. Their elite echelon of clients includes Madonna, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and Christina Aguilera to name a few. Rich + Tone have also choreographed for multiple motion pictures, which include Step Up 3D, StreetDance Together and Take the Lead. As Producers they brought light to the dance form Krumping in the critically-acclaimed documentary Rize. They were also co-directors and choreographers for Madonna’s MDNA Tour, and were Executive Producers and choreographers for the upcoming Screen Gems feature Battle of The Year: The Dream Team. Now with an established production company they are actively taking on new projects and broadening their horizons. After their collaboration on Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, Rich + Tone will be part of a Cirque du Soleil production for the second time with Michael Jackson ONE.

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  • Parris Goebel


    New Zealand 21 year-old choreographer Parris Goebel dances in the all female crew – ReQuest and is the creator of Polyswagg (combining sassy woman fire with aggressive inner strength). In 2009, ReQuest were crowned the World Varsity Hip Hop Champions in Las Vegas and also the Battleground Supremacy Varsity Champions in Australia. In 2010, ReQuest returned and dominated the competition to become the number one Adult crew in the world and be the first crew to win back to back gold medals and in both divisions. At the 2011 World Hip Hop Championships her 4 crews dominated over 37 countries with 3 Golds and 1 Silver and then in 2012 they won 2 Golds and 1 Silver. ReQuest have performed on American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and were crowned the 2012 Body Rock Champions. ReQuest were the first crew outside North America to make it on MTV Americas Best Dance Crew Season 6. In 2012, Parris worked on the videos and shows of superstar Jennifer Lopez and Jolin Tsai, the foremost female singer in Taiwan.

    Parris was a 2008 show cast member in Monsters of Hip Hop and is now a member of the Faculty that teaches all through the USA. She was awarded the 2012 World of Dance Female Choreographer of the year in the USA. She has taught throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and all throughout New Zealand. She is the director of her own studio – The Palace Dance Studio in Auckland where she also teaches. Michael Jackson ONE marks her first collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui


    Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui has worked for theaters, opera and dance companies, ranging from the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Sadler's Wells in London, the Grand Theatre of Geneva to Les Ballets C. de la B. His choreographies have earned him a series of prizes including a Benois de la Danse, two Laurence Olivier Awards and two National Dance Awards. In 2008 and 2011 Tanz magazine proclaimed him 'Choreographer of the Year'. In 2010, he founded his own company. For Eastman he created Play with Shantala Shivalingappa and Babel(words) with Damien Jalet and Antony Gormley. In 2011 he set up TeZukA, a piece for 15 dancers and musicians inspired by the Japanese manga author Osamu Tezuka. In 2012 he created Puz/zle with the Corsican men’s choir A Filetta, Lebanese singer Fadia Tomb El-Hage and Japanese musician Kazunari Abe. That same year he helmed the choreography for Anna Karenina, Joe Wright’s movie. Michael Jackson ONE is his first collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Ivan « Flipz » Velez


    At the age of 7 Ivan "Flipz" Velez began perfecting/imitating all the moves from Michael Jackson's Billy Jean, Thriller and Beat It videos. After meeting an inspirational figure and best friend in the world of dance, Ivan could now combine his dance skills with his proficiency as a tumbler and decided to become a professional dancer. He went on to perform at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Ivan then moved to New York and started touring the world in a Jam On The Groove spin-off called Break: The Urban Funk Spectacular. Upon his return he started auditioning commercially and was cast by Tina Landon in his first national commercial. He then moved to Los Angeles where he was cast by Jamie King to perform alongside Madonna and Oprah. Flipz has also appeared in all 3 seasons of LXD. His other film credits include The Dream Team, Step Up 3D, Bring it on 3 & 4, Stomp The Yard, You Got Served, Idle Wild, B-Girl, Honey and Honey 2. Flipz is Co-Founder of Skill Methodz Dance crew and President and CEO of Flipz Entertainment. Michael Jackson ONE is Ivan's first collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Olivier Simola


    After studying at the Conservatoire national de région (CNR) in Grenoble and at the Conservatoire national supérieur musique et danse de Lyon, Olivier Simola acquired his first professional experience working with numerous choreographers including Andy Degroat, Jean-François Duroure, Joël Borges et Christophe Salengro. In 1995, he joined the dance company DCA founded by Philippe Decouflé. He first worked on the creation of Decodex before becoming one of the mainstays of the company, leaving his mark on many other DCA creations. Dancer and video-maker Olivier Simola then began to work closely with Philippe Decouflé. By fusing his two principal areas of expertise – dance and video – he contributes to shaping the singular worlds of choreographers such as Benjamin Millepied and Michael Baryshnikov. For Cirque du Soleil, Olivier designed the projections for the company’s performance at the 84th Academy Awards ceremony. After his work as Projection Designer on IRIS – A Journey Through the World of Cinema, Michael Jackson ONE is his second collaboration to a Cirque du Soleil show.

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  • Germain Guillemot

    Diseñador de las coreografías acrobáticas

    Graduado del Centro Nacional de las Artes Circenses de Châlon-en-Champagne, Francia, Germain Guillemot empezó su carrera con la compañía francesa Cirque Archaos y salió de gira con ella durante dos años. Con otros compañeros de circo creó la compañía francesa Les Arts Sauts, donde colaboró tanto como creador como artista durante 15 años.

    Germain se unió al Cirque du Soleil en 2007 como entrenador para el acto del trapecio volador en ZED y después se volvió el jefe de entrenamiento acrobático para Viva ELVIS. TORUK – El primer vuelo es la cuarta colaboración de Germain Guillemot con el Cirque du Soleil como diseñador de las coreografías acrobáticos después de la gira mundial Michael Jackson THE INMORTAL, Michael Jackson ONE y KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities.

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  • Rob Bollinger

    Diseñador de Acrobacias

    Ya a los nueve años, Rob Bollinger era un gimnasta competitivo de la cama elástica y se asoció con su padre para inventar la mini cama elástica doble, ya que su familia tenía un club de camas elásticas en Illinois, donde creció. Estudió Administración de empresas en la universidad de Indiana con una beca como trampolinista competitivo. Ganó dos campeonatos nacionales de clavado y calificó para las eliminatorias de las Olimpíadas de 1980 y 1984. No logró entrar en el equipo en ninguna de las dos ocasiones y al principio se apartó del mundo de los deportes competitivos. Rob probó distintos trabajos en la aeronáutica y los seguros, pero siempre se sintió irresistiblemente atraído a la acrobacia, así que trabajó en espectáculos de clavado en parques temáticos, lo cual lo llevó por toda Europa. Al regresar a Estados Unidos, usó su talento como trampolinista y atleta de cama elástica para trabajar en películas y televisión como doble profesional, entre otros lugares, para Universal Studios. Rob se unió a Cirque du Soleil en 1993 durante la creación del primer espectáculo residente, Mystère, como entrenador y artista en la casa teatral original del espectáculo. En 1997, se unió a "O", primero como entrenador, luego como coordinador artístico y, con el tiempo, lo nombraron director artístico de la producción. Además, añadió a sus responsabilidades la dirección artística de Mystère. Es el segundo espectáculo de Rob como diseñador de representaciones acrobáticas luego de ZAIA.

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  • Ben Potvin

    Acrobatic Choreographer

    A former national competitive gymnast, Ottawa-born Ben Potvin joined Cirque du Soleil as an artist during the creation of “O” in 1997. He performed on this show for six years and acted as coach-performer for the production’s aerial hoops act. In 2004, he joined Dragone as an artist, coach-performer, dance captain, talent scout and act designer. Ben also designed acts for the show Voyage (Tokyo, Japan) and coordinated events at Utmost Entertainment Production. In 2009, he came back to Cirque du Soleil as a head coach on the show Viva ELVIS and later took on the acrobatic development role during the creation of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour and Amaluna. Michael Jackson ONE marks Ben’s first assignment as Acrobatic Choreographer, a mandate in which he will leverage his vision and experience in both the acrobatic and artistic realms.

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  • Andrea Ziegler

    Acrobatic Choreographer

    A graduate from Ryerson University's Theater School in Canada, Andrea has performed as a dancer, singer or character for over 20 years for several renowned companies including La La La Human Steps, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (The Nutcracker), Livent (The Phantom of the Opera), Dragone (A New Day with Céline Dion) and Cirque du Soleil.  At Cirque, she performed in the shows MystèreQuidam and in numerous special events around the world. Andrea also held the position of Dance Master on Viva ELVIS in Las Vegas. Michael Jackson ONE is her first show as acrobatic choreographer for Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Raymond St-Jean

    Projection Designer

    Raymond St-Jean is a film director and multimedia designer. After studying communications at the Université du Québec à Montréal, he began his career directing music videos and short films. Since then, Raymond has directed dramas (Out of Mind: The Stories of H.P. Lovecraft, Léa), documentaries (L’oiseau de nuit, Ghost Town, Le Mozart Noir, six installments in the Chamber Music Collection) as well as screen adaptations of various theatre plays and choreographies (Les trous du ciel, Cabaret Neiges Noires, Peepshow). His films have aired on television in Canada and abroad and were featured in a number of festivals. Peepshow won ARTV’s “Tremplin pour le monde” award at the 2009 edition of the Montreal International Festival of Films on Art. In 2006, Ghost Town picked up three awards at the Yorkton Film Festival, including the prestigious Golden Sheaf Award of Excellence. Le Mozart Noir won the 2003 Rockie Award at the Banff World Television Festival. Together with Jimmy Lakatos, Raymond created in 2012 the multimedia installation The World of Michel Tremblay, presented at the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City. For Cirque du Soleil, Raymond St-Jean designed the video projections for ZAIA, Zarkana and Michael Jackson ONE.

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  • Jimmy Lakatos

    Projections Designers

    Hailing from the visual arts world, Jimmy Lakatos has followed an atypical career path that has led him to what he calls “video set design” – his specialty. In Montreal, he pioneered the use of video in shows and public places. A longtime collaborator of directors Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, Jimmy is one of the cofounders of Artificiel, a Montreal-based multidisciplinary digital creation group whose works have been seen at festivals and in museums throughout Europe, Latin America and North America. He has also designed multimedia installations for museum exhibits as well as video projections for a number of shows, televised galas and commemorative events. Several companies from the North American cultural scene have called upon his services as a multimedia designer. Michael Jackson ONE marks Jimmy’s fourth collaboration on a Cirque du Soleil show after ZAIA, the closing celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City in 2008, and DELIRIUM.

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  • David Finn

    Lighting Designer

    David Finn's professional career began at age 16, working for puppeteer Burr Tillstrom and his beloved characters Kukla & Ollie.  His breakthrough in lighting came with Sir Peter Wright's acclaimed Nutcracker for the Birmingham Royal Ballet in 1990. David went on to design for Twyla Tharp & Dancers and, from 1993-2000, was resident designer for Mikhail Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project.  He has worked for the Paris Opera Ballet, Royal Ballet, Ballet of Monte Carlo, San Francisco Ballet, National Ballet of Canada and Lyon Opera Ballet, and with such choreographers as Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, José Limón, Karole Armitage, Dana Reitz, Peter Wright, James Kudelka, Helgi Tomasson, and Sasha Waltz. His opera career began in 1997 with Otello (Brussels) and has, since, included works at The Metropolitan Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Salzburg Festival, Paris Opera, Royal Opera, Het Musiektheater (Amsterdam), New York City Opera, San Francisco Opera and Canadian Opera, where he designed the Ring Cycle in 2006. Film work includes lighting for Martin Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence. In 1999, he directed the documentary, The Green Monster, for POV on PBS. In architecture, David collaborated with renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron on a case-study glass house in Napa Valley, California and designed the lighting for the 1988 World Expo in Brisbane, Australia. Recent awards include the 2011 Yomiuri Award for Outstanding Lighting Design (The Hunting Gun, Tokyo) and the 2012 Knight of Illumination Award (Royal Ballet, UK). Before Michael Jackson ONE, David's first design for Cirque du Soleil was ZED

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  • Jonathan Deans

    Diseñador de sonido

    Jonathan Deans, uno de los más solicitados diseñadores de sonido del mundo teatral, es responsable de los entornos sonoros de OVO. Jonathan fue también el creador de los paisajes sonoros de Saltimbanco, Mystère, “O”, La Nouba, ZUMANITY, KÀ, Corteo, LOVE, KOOZA, Wintuk y, más recientemente, CRISS ANGEL Believe. Para Jonathan, el enfoque creativo evolutivo y en equipo del Cirque du Soleil es extraordinariamente estimulante.

    La fascinación que la electrónica ejerce sobre Jonathan viene de antiguo. Con tan solo 15 años, se incorporó como actor a la Royal Shakespeare Company. Fue allí donde su interés por el sonido comenzó a encajar en el contexto teatral. Varios años después, tras un período como ingeniero de sonido en la industria musical, cuya fase más destacable transcurrió en Morgan Studios donde se codeó con artistas como Cat Stevens, Paul Simon y Rick Wakeman, Jonathan retornó al mundo teatral en la Royal Opera House de Covent Garden (Londres) primero y como mezclador de sonido para el musical A Chorus Line después. De éxito en éxito, Jonathan fue acumulando más de doce producciones de primera categoría, como Evita, Cats, Bugsy Malone y The Sound of Music, entre otras, en su currículo como ingeniero de mezclas de sonido.

    Sobre la base de estos éxitos, Jonathan fue contratado como diseñador de sonido para el musical Marilyn. A éste contrato siguieron otras colaboraciones en espectáculos del West End londinense, como Time, Les Misérables, Mutiny o Jean Seberg antes de dar el salto a Broadway y trabajar en Ragtime, Fosse, King David, Damn Yankees, Taboo, Brooklyn, Lestat, Pirate Queen y Young Frankenstein.

    Para Jonathan Deans, los teatros con espectáculos permanentes y la carpa principal del Cirque du Soleil constituyen dos mundos sonoros claramente diferenciados. “Las exigencias técnicas de cada uno de ellos son muy distintas, si bien es cierto que, en lo que a la superposición de la música y el sonido se refiere, no hay diferencia”. “Mi labor consiste en crear un entorno único para cada producción, pero, sea cual sea ese entorno, tengo que asegurarme de que, desde una perspectiva sonora, el público sea consciente de que se adentra en un mundo diferente”.

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  • Pierre Masse

    Diseñador del equipamiento acrobático y del aparejo

    La carrera de Pierre Masse abarca casi todos los géneros de las artes escénicas y de los espectáculos. Ha estado involucrado en grandes producciones con la Ópera de Montreal, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens y Céline Dion, así como la producción del musical Los Miserables.

    Ha colaborado con el Cirque du Soleil desde 1996 tomando parte en la creación de Quidam, Varekai, Zumanity, KÀ y CRISS ANGEL Believe. TORUK – El primer vuelo es el quinto espectáculo de Pierre Masse dentro del Cirque du Soleil como diseñador del equipamiento acrobático y del aparejo, después de TOTEM, IRIS – Un viaje a través del mundo del cine, Michael Jackson ONE Y JOYÀ.

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  • Nathalie Gagné

    Diseñadora de maquillaje

    El maquillaje y su influencia en el trabajo de los actores han fascinado a Nathalie Gagné desde su adolescencia. Nathalie estudió producción teatral en Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe, una escuela universitaria municipal de Quebec, y posteriormente sería una de las primeras licenciadas de la filial de Montreal de la famosa escuela de maquillaje parisina École Christian Chauveau.

    Antes de incorporarse al Cirque du Soleil, Gagné trabajó para el teatro, el cine y la televisión. Nathalie ha sido candidata en dos ocasiones a los premios Gémeau por el mejor maquillaje en todas sus categorías. Los Gémeau son los premios concedidos por la Academia Canadiense de Cine y Televisión.

    “El maquillaje es una manifestación del alma del personaje, pero también es una varita mágica que puede hacer desaparecer las inhibiciones”, afirma Nathalie, que desde 1995 ha creado más de 200 diseños de maquillaje diferentes para el Cirque du Soleil. Sus conceptos finales son el resultado de un exigente proceso de selección entre más de 2.000 bocetos.

    Dado que los artistas del Cirque du Soleil se maquillan solos, Nathalie hace que participen en la creación de su apariencia escénica. “A diferencia de los actores, los acróbatas no están habituados a estudiar sus rostros”, comenta Nathalie. “Uno de mis objetivos es conseguir que hagan exactamente eso, y ayudarles a encontrar en sí mismos lo que yo llamo las 'líneas de fuerza', que utilizarán para construir sus personajes”.

    Nathalie Gagné es responsable también de asegurarse de la integridad de todos los diseños de maquillaje que llevan su firma. Puesto que los artistas deben maquillarse solos, los talleres de técnicas de maquillaje son parte integral de la formación general que reciben los artistas de Cirque du Soleil. En esos talleres, Gagné enseña a los artistas a aplicarse el maquillaje y después redacta una guía de aplicación paso a paso personalizada para cada uno de ellos.

    Los nuevos conceptos de maquillaje que Nathalie introdujo en los espectáculos Mystère, Alegría y Saltimbanco la llevaron a trabajar con el director Franco Dragone y con el diseñador de vestuario Dominique Lemieux. Tras su colaboración en Quidam, “O”, La Nouba, Varekai, Zumanity, KÀ, Corteo, Delirium, LOVE y ZAIA, CRISS ANGEL Believe™ es su undécima contribución a un espectáculo del Cirque du Soleil.

    "Para conseguir la riqueza y la madurez de los personajes de CRISS ANGEL Believe™ trabajamos como en el cine: los diseñadores y los artistas trabajamos juntos en la creación y el desarrollo de cada una de las personalidades”, cuenta Nathalie. "Usar el vestuario y las proyecciones como componentes del maquillaje nos permite crear un universo de locura pero perfectamente verosímil. Queremos conseguir que lo inverosímil resulte plausible ".

    Nathalie Gagné nació en Trois-Pistoles, en la región de Lower St. Lawrence de Quebec, en 1963.

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  • Brian Drader


    Brian Drader is Director of Playwriting at the National Theatre School of Canada. An accomplished actor, writer, dramaturge, and artistic administrator, his plays have been produced across Canada, the United States and Europe. Awards for his writing include the Herman Voaden National Playwriting Award, the Philadelphia Brick Playhouse New Play Award, the National Screen Institute Drama Prize, and the Lambda Literary Award for Drama (USA). His plays have also been nominated for the Governor General’s Award, the McNally Robinson Book of the Year, and the Joyce Dutka Arts Foundation Playwriting Award (New York). In addition to theatre, Brian's diverse writing portfolio includes film, radio, fiction, multimedia and commercial engagements. He has also appeared as an actor in more than 70 professional productions in theatres across Canada. Michael Jackson ONE is the first collaboration of Brian Drader with Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Manon Beaudoin

    Characters’ Guide

    Manon Beaudoin has written, directed and performed throughout Canada and other parts of the world. She was a core member of the acclaimed wordless play The Overcoat (CanStage), a hit in festivals around the globe and Co-Creator of Flying Blind (Axis/Belfry/Arts Club Theatres in Canada and Legs on the Wall, Australia.) She helped create 8 shows for Vancouver’s enduring cult hit Leaky Heaven Circus as well as founding her own all-woman Cirque Poule. Her plays The Queen of Hearts and The Bloody Clean-Up or the Lamentable Tale of Marie Antoinette have been produced in Canada. She now teaches movement at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal. This is Manon’s first collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

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