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OVO es una inmersión en un colorido ecosistema repleto de vida en el que los insectos trabajan, comen, reptan, revolotean, juegan, luchan y buscan el amor en un constante remolino de energía y movimiento. El hábitat de los insectos es un mundo de biodiversidad y belleza repleto de acciones ruidosas y momentos de silenciosa emoción.

Cuando un huevo aparece misteriosamente en su mundo, los insectos se inquietan pero, al mismo tiempo, sienten una intensa curiosidad: se trata de un icono que representa el misterio y el ciclo de la vida.

Todos se prendan de este insecto patoso y extraño que ha irrumpido en su vibrante comunidad y sobre todo una mariquita, en quien también se fija el singular forastero.

OVO rebosa contrastes. El oculto y secreto mundo que se encuentra bajo nuestros pies se deja ver como delicado y apasionado, ruidoso y tranquilo, apacible y caótico. Y cuando sale el sol, el agitado ciclo de la vida del insecto empieza de nuevo.


OVO - Números

  • Acrosport

    Combining elements of dance, acrobatics, athleticism and sheer agility, three yellowand- red fleas fling themselves through the air and come together in graceful, perfectly balanced sculptural formations.

  • Hormigas

    The hardest working insects in the community are the bright red Ants. As soon as they’re awake they spend their day gathering food: On the menu today—kiwis and corn. But it’s not all work. They play with their food, too—with their feet—in an astonishing display of precision juggling that climaxes with ants juggling ants.

  • Cocoon (Tissue)

    Combining agility and grace this soon to be Butterfly performs a solo contortion on aerial silk showcasing her theatrical metamorphosis.

  • Criatura

    Part Slinky, part insect, the Creatura dances to a tune that is all his own. He’s a bendy, twisty knot of stretchy limbs in constant motion.

  • Diabolos

    In a mix of high-speed diabolo and seemingly impossible juggling a firefly sends one, two, three and finally an astonishing four spinning spools arcing very high in the air and back to earth in perfect coordination.

  • Rocío (parada de mano)

    A Dragonfly performs a graceful balancing act in and out of the slender stalks and twisting tendrils of an elegant plant. It takes extraordinary control and strength to transfer his weight from one hand to the other as he maintains equilibrium upside down on top of the foliage.

  • Butterflies (Duo Straps)

    Merging hand-to-hand, ballet and aerial contortion in an impressive flying act, this pair of Butterflies performs a pas-de-deux on aerial straps that allows them to swoop and land, leap and fly in perfect unison.

  • Scarabs (Russian Cradle)

    In a stunning aerial act, a group of scarabs soar high above the stage, from both edges to the middle. A distance of 6 meters separates the catchers!

  • Alambre flojo

    In a tour-de-force performance a Spider defies gravity and physics in a succession of seemingly impossible feats of strength and balance as he traverses a wire that ppears to give him no support. At one point he hangs at a 45-degree angle over the ground, some 15 feet below, and he tops that with an upsidedown unicycle act. And the wire is in almostconstant motion up and down, adding to the degree of difficulty.

  • Pared

    This act features a dozen artists running, jumping, and walking across—and straight up—a vertical wall without artificial support. Air mat and trampolines give them the speed, lift and momentum to take flight. Their athletic ability, physical strength and team coordination take care of the rest.

  • Web

    One of the funny spiders reveals her sensual side when she attracts the attention of a group of Crickets by weaving her body over, under and through the strands of her web. She’s soon joined by another bright, dazzling spider contortionist who casts a sensual spell of her own.