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Acrobatic Acts

<p>The fun and whimsical world of FESTA is brought to life with mesmerizing performances by multidisciplinary artists from around the globe. Prepare to be wowed with original acrobatic feats, along with fresh spins on some of Cirque du Soleil’s most iconic acts.</p>
Acrobat on a bicycle


<p>'FESTA features musical compositions from some of Cirque du Soleil’s most celebrated shows and acts, reworked and remastered to give them a fresh new twist while respecting their original essence. The result is a soundtrack that is both contemporary and classic Cirque du Soleil. The sound universe features classical instruments and a symphony orchestra to give a warm, organic feel, seamlessly combined with modern electronic sounds using synthesizer ensembles. </p>
FESTA character playing guitar


<p>The vision behind the costume design was to create an elegant and fashionable aesthetic but without being too perfect. Each concept and piece features a slight imperfection to represent the authenticity and humanity of the characters. The goal is to create a strong and beautiful but still believable visual identity and universe while having a bold and playful look. The aesthetic is intentionally theatrical rather than editorial to give the costumes a signature circus look and feel. </p>
FESTA character in a pink costume

Practical Information


60 min

What is FESTA?

FESTA is the new Cirque du Soleil exclusive event in Andorra. It is an uplifting explosion of energy, emotion and off-the-charts acrobatics.

How long is FESTA?

The show is 60 minutes long, with no intermission.

Where and when can I see FESTA?

The event will be located in the public car park of Prada Casadet located in front of the Government building, in the centre of Andorra la Vella. FESTA will be performed every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from the 1st to the 29th of July, 2023, with a show performed on Sunday July 30th July. The 60 minute show will start at 22:00 and there will be a pre-event activity.

Is FESTA appropriate for children?

Like most of Cirque du Soleil’s shows, FESTA is meant to entertain the whole family. That said, moments of loud noises and low-light scenes during the show can have an impact on our young audience.

Will FESTA merchandise be available?

Yes, there will be FESTA products available at the on-site gift shop.