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The Beatles LOVE à Las Vegas, NV

Nevada, États-Unis
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The Mirage

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The over all experience in seeing this show was amazing. The lovely cashier CAMERON was very knowledgeable and very professional. He definitely put me in a very good mood when I was picking up my tickets! Definitely worth the visit just for him, the rest of the staff and the amazing show!

Membre depuis août 2015

morgan houghton, États-Unis

11 août 2015 01:56

El espectáculo más grandioso, lo he visto dos veces y lo volveré a ver muchas veces más, es extraordinario

Membre depuis août 2015

guillermo ortiz, Mexique

5 août 2015 13:14

The best show by miles I have ever seen or heard. Been twice from Australia, coming again soon!

Membre depuis mai 2015

Christopher Mannix, Australie

25 mai 2015 05:45

Best Cirque show I have ever seen!! So much to see!! Honestly..they are all good...so this just adds to another...

Membre depuis mars 2008

Desiree Haggart, États-Unis

16 mars 2015 20:06

LOVE is the perfect fusing of Amazing Music and Incredible visuals. "LOVE" not only takes you on a magical tour though the music of The Beatles, but tells a powerful and delightful story behind the Fab 4 using visuals and of course the greatest music the world has ever heard. I am on my 8th viewing of this amazing show, and I never tire of it.

Membre depuis décembre 2006

Dan Rutherford, États-Unis

2 janvier 2015 18:48

Very disappointing. Over the years, my wife and I enjoyed many shows from Cirque du Soleil. Every single one of them has been magical and acrobatic. The people performing those shows look like athletes straight from the Olympics. This show was just an overpriced dancing performance.

Membre depuis novembre 2014

Christophe L, États-Unis

28 novembre 2014 13:28

We expected to see a program filled with Beatles memorabilia, scenes and music. Our disappointment was only slightly alleviated by the decent circus performance. Our major disappointment is that we splurged and paid for first class seating which only aggravated our disappointment towards what we expected to be a "Beatles" extravaganza, not an Alice in Wonderland like presentation.

Membre depuis octobre 2014

Tim Geiger, États-Unis

27 octobre 2014 02:40

One of the most beautiful shows I have ever seen. Ever. I am (of course) biased because it combines two of my favorite things, Cirque and the Beatles, but it's seriously a must-see! It is visually stunning, the acrobatics are awesome, love the staging, surround-sound music, and the choreography is amazing!

Membre depuis mars 2006

Danielle Woodland, États-Unis

23 octobre 2014 01:09


Membre depuis juillet 2014

Claire Gadberry, États-Unis

7 août 2014 10:30

I LOVE that show!

Membre depuis octobre 2013

a a, États-Unis

22 avril 2014 14:16

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