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just watched show in vegas! very disappointing... not "cirque du soleil" quality!!! its more of a "musical/tribute" to Michael,...... WASTE OF MONEY!! only reason for everyones good reviews, must be because they "die hard" Michael Jackson fans! DONT WASTE YOU MONEY ON THIS SHOW!!!!!

Membre depuis août 2015

sergio sanchez, États-Unis

20 août 2015 20:31

This show was so awesome! There are not many words to describe the show, special effects, staing and the cast. Everyone was exceptional. It was a wonderful experience and I would see it again.

Membre depuis mai 2015

Kenya Bryant, États-Unis

12 mai 2015 13:49

El show comenzó de menos a más, así es que, al inicio me dije: que es esto!, y conforme avanzó la noche me iba emocionando hasta ovacionar a los integrantes del show y finalizar súper contenta y satisfecha por lo que pagué. Lo malo como siempre: no dejan tomar fotos para nuestros recuerdos...Recordar es vivir.

Membre depuis avril 2015

Sandra Esquivel, Mexique

9 avril 2015 20:19

Loved the show. Felt like we were at a concert and didn't mind that there weren't as many acrobatics as we have seen in the past Cirque shows. Loved the creators interpretation of Michael's music. Would see it again!

Membre depuis avril 2015

Susan Dafoe, Canada

7 avril 2015 16:05

LOVE Michael Jackson and LOVE Cirque....froma production standpoint it was fantastic, but a bit disappointing as as Cirque show....It didn't feel like Cirque du Soleil. I miss the live original music and the performances. This show seemed to be more about choreography than a Cirque performance. Live guitar was SOOO loud and went on so long that it started to get annoying. Hologram was amazing!!

Membre depuis février 2005

Lina Marchesano, Canada

6 avril 2015 10:43

I was sorry that I don't see the performances kaballia he did in the past year.I have a chance to visit Korea once again be waiting for you, please. Cirque du Soleil to impress people around the world. so very grateful. Aspiring, or performance of Cirque du Soleil people who love theater is hope, dream and a challenge. Eagle is sure to Cirque du Soleil's headquarters handed over to his people hope

Membre depuis mars 2015

yun eun jung, Corée

19 mars 2015 11:00

It was so great that I wanted to watch a Cirque du SoleilI'm so moved, and my life made it look the best performing big hit.I remember, I think Michael Jackson and see the show we saw in tears. I am currently performing an executive producer, and dreamed of attending art school and about Cirque du Soleil in school assignments. While the tasks so again in Cirque du Soleil came into the site in the past two years and write anything.

Membre depuis mars 2015

yun eun jung, Corée

19 mars 2015 10:58

Hello, I live in Korea is 23 years old and yuneunjeong said in. Two years ago, Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil immoteol tour now - see the reviews will leave late. Cirque du Soleil production team and the actor in Korea that step and I thank you very much to anyone other than those of a rare performance.

Membre depuis mars 2015

yun eun jung, Corée

19 mars 2015 10:57

My husband and I went this weekend to see the show and I must say "Hands down one of the best dance shows I have seen." The show even brought a tear to my eye. Amazing talent and technology make you feel like your at a Michael Jackson concert. HIGHLY RECOMMEND a must see if you are a fan of MJ's Music and his talent.

Membre depuis mars 2015

Monique Robertson, États-Unis

2 mars 2015 11:54

Before coming to Vegas this for me was a must see. We had a great experience from start to finish. We were given an upgrade on our seats. We were in a perfect location. The show was breathtaking and reduced us to tears on more than one occasion. There are not enough words to explain how good it really was. We had thought the tickets to be more expensive than we would normally pay but they were worth every penny. We would definitely go to see this again. Micky and Lynette Scotland.

Membre depuis janvier 2015

Lynette MacDonald, Royaume-Uni

17 janvier 2015 06:05

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