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Before coming to Vegas this for me was a must see. We had a great experience from start to finish. We were given an upgrade on our seats. We were in a perfect location. The show was breathtaking and reduced us to tears on more than one occasion. There are not enough words to explain how good it really was. We had thought the tickets to be more expensive than we would normally pay but they were worth every penny. We would definitely go to see this again. Micky and Lynette Scotland.

Membre depuis janvier 2015

Lynette MacDonald, Royaume-Uni

17 janvier 2015 06:05

This show was AMAZING!!! Love Michael Jackson Music and Cirque Du Soleil and having both combined is a must see experience. The inter action of the performer and the audience is spectacular. I look forward to coming back and seeing again soon!

Membre depuis décembre 2003

Robert Camacho, États-Unis

16 janvier 2015 15:18

BEST SHOW OF ALL TIME !!! No word can explain how wonderful this show is. Each act is chosen to match the associated song. The stage is carefully designed, the decor is awesome, the lighting is perfect ! MICHAEL JACKSON + CIRQUE DU SOLEIL = PERFECTION

Membre depuis novembre 2010


12 janvier 2015 09:56

Was so excited to see MJ cirque..However this was not a cirque. It was basically a dance show. Was not happy to pay over 100 each for a dance show. We ended up taking our children to Mystere a true cirque to give my children the experience of viewing a true cirque. If you like dancing, a few single flying thru the air once in awhile then this is for you, otherwise buy a CD.

Membre depuis janvier 2015

may wassel, États-Unis

4 janvier 2015 13:59

Too loud. Too "dark". Painfully high volume. Sinister images. Not what we expected, not what we thing of when we remember Michael Jackson.

Membre depuis décembre 2014

Joel Sandberg, États-Unis

12 décembre 2014 10:29

I have seen many Cirque shows, and this one is my favorite! We saw it last year when it first opened- my husband is not a huge Michael Jackson fan, but still loved the show. It was so great that we are going to see it again next month. I recommend sitting in rows AA and up for best viewing.

Membre depuis juillet 2013

Macaela Harris, États-Unis

3 décembre 2014 10:19

Amazing show. Great for cirque fans and MJ fans. Can't wait to see it again.

Membre depuis mai 2011

Juan Garza, Mexique

3 novembre 2014 16:45

Amazing!!!!! A must see for every MJ fan.. close thing to seeing him on stage! makes you laugh, cry and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.. Worth every penny!!!

Membre depuis septembre 2014

nancy mireles, États-Unis

17 septembre 2014 03:26

We saw 08/17/14 PM show. Very nice tribute to work originally created by MJ. Acrobacies & choreographies were impressive. What disappointed me tho is their lack of Plan B. A main characters was clearly missing. Why no backup? If no backup available why not reposition performers so they are centered? Also, major technical issue occurred mid-show leaving us waiting 15 min. Why not showing a MJ video while you fix your stuff? Maybe a performance in front of the stage? Again, lacking Plan B.

Membre depuis novembre 2009

Isabelle Hainault, Canada

19 août 2014 18:48


Membre depuis juillet 2014

Bari Lima, États-Unis

27 juillet 2014 02:27

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