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TOTEM à Melbourne, VI

Victoria, Australie
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«Un chef-d'oeuvre à couper le souffle, drôle et émouvant. Robert Lepage s'est surpassé pour permettre la naissance de l'un des plus grands spectacles du Cirque à ce jour.»
Nicolas Ouellet, RockDétente Québec
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We also went to see the show on the on the 28th of February and were very disappointed with the second half. After speaking to friends who have seen the show I know that we missed at least two acts- the couple doing the trapeze and the roller skating act. The trapeze was described by friends to be one of the highlights of the entire show. Without these acts I felt that the second half of the show lacked excitement and was a bit of a let down.

Membre depuis mars 2015

Jessica Russo, Australie

1 mars 2015 02:47

We went to Totem in Melbourne on Saturday 28th February, the staging and acts we saw were amazing but we were very disappointed with the second "half" of the show. Yes there was a big storm that hit Melbourne on the night but the majority of the crowd were unaware of this. We can understand that for safety reasons any "high-flying" acts were not performed but there were two other acts that could have gone ahead safely, there was no explanation just a sudden end to the show :(

Membre depuis avril 2005

kim beagley, Australie

28 février 2015 20:41

I took my 7 year old granddaughter to the show for her birthday treat and was a little taken aback at how much the tickets cost. But every penny spent was worthwhile! What a truly wonderful show and what a magical experience for us both. She just loves Cirque due Soleil when she sees it on television so this really was a wonderful close-up view of your marvellous team at work. We both just loved the men on the moon routine. Thank you so much for a fabulous evening out!

Membre depuis février 2015

Elizabeth Simpson, Australie

26 février 2015 22:28

This was the third Cirque du Soleil show i have seen and it was very amazing. Well put together story and acting and the stunts were amazing. Well worth seeing. I am tempted to see this show a second time.

Membre depuis février 2013

Patrick Donnelly, États-Unis

26 février 2015 19:51

Shame on you Cirque du Soleil Booked front row tickets for opening night Brisbane Cirque Du Soleil Totem last May only to be told today that they were not supposed to be on sale and I could not have them. Then had to buy new tickets on my visa & told I would have to wait for a refund of original tickets bought. No gesture of apology or reason behind not honouring my original purchase. Request for upgrade to VIP for the inconvenience was met with a flat out NO! Absolute disgrace.

Membre depuis août 2012

Nicole Rosevear, Australie

18 février 2015 16:05

Just Jaw dropping....Amazing experience...I have seen it for the first time with my whole family, and I tell you that I have never seen such a talent live on Stage...Keep it going...

Membre depuis février 2015

Maneesh Awasthi, Australie

17 février 2015 21:43

Went to Totem in Melbourne on Sunday 15th Feb 2015; first half was good. They missed two of the five acts after intermission after some strange “safety” announcements. No explanation given and when requested more information I was referred to the box office which I never found ~ felt a bit “short changed”, definitely but not at the same quality of OVO.

Membre depuis février 2015

Hannah Gover, Australie

17 février 2015 04:50

I have seen four shows and this one is not as good as other Cirque de Soleil shows, especially the second part - very weak story line.

Membre depuis juillet 2004

Goran Lazic, Australie

15 février 2015 05:59

Had an amazing night next will have to remember not to book next to the lighting towers.

Membre depuis février 2015

Linda Thatcher, Australie

1 février 2015 15:27

I took my 10 year old daughter and her thoughts for totem were " The show was amazing and I loved every bit, we have to go again!" The only problem was the Double Trapeze did not perform, we were quite unhappy but at least the rest of the show was amazing

Membre depuis juillet 2014

Angie Guca, Australie

27 janvier 2015 04:27

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