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Spectacular. Very artistic. Quite raunchy...so unless you're very open minded and can appreciate this kind of stuff, may not be for everyone. I LOVED the experience.

Membre depuis décembre 2014

Vani Subramaniam, Inde

21 décembre 2014 12:50

We were identified as gay before the show started."Where are my gays?" Without affirmation, "Ah, pencil and pencil sharpener." We laughed along, but it started to feel that we were the butt of a joke and unwelcome. With the exception of an androgynous person that did nothing more than walk around, they are playing to strictly a straight audience. "Openness" did not include gays in the show's depiction. Tickets should state 'gays really not welcome.' We have enjoyed other shows.

Membre depuis novembre 2014

Troy Daniels, États-Unis

27 novembre 2014 11:17

Unfortunately, I was not impressed at all with this show. After seeing other shows I expected more.

Membre depuis décembre 2004

Rose Marie Serrato, États-Unis

10 octobre 2014 13:54

Beautiful show.

Membre depuis avril 2014

Sharese White, États-Unis

24 août 2014 01:00


Membre depuis octobre 2013

a a, États-Unis

22 avril 2014 13:59

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