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La Nouba

La Nouba

What is La Nouba?

La Nouba is the story of all stories, the most intriguing mystery, a place where dreams and nightmares blend with troubling complexity. La Nouba is also memory - individual and universal. A true invitation, even provocation, to revive passions thought extinct for a long time, La Nouba is a world where the impossible does not exist. If you want to learn more on La Nouba, please visit La Nouba page.

How long is La Nouba?

La Nouba is 90 minutes long, not including an intermission.

Is La Nouba appropriate for children?

La Nouba is for children of all ages. Children under 3 years old are admitted free, however they must remain of the lap of a parent at all times. If you would like a separate seat for your child, you must purchase a ticket at the children’s rate (ages 3-9).

Will there be La Nouba merchandise available?

La Nouba merchandise may be purchased at the theater’s boutique and from Cirque du Soleil online Boutique.

How can I meet the artists of La Nouba?

It is not possible to organize visits with La Nouba artists and trainers. They have extremely busy schedules and so we respect the little down time they have by not offering visits.

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How do I buy tickets for La Nouba?

Tickets for La Nouba may be purchased online, by phone at 407-WDW-SEAT (407-939-7328) or in person at the theatre box office in Downtown Disney West Side. You may also check regarding availability with the concierge at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

How far in advance may I purchase tickets for La Nouba?

Tickets for La Nouba may be reserved up to six months in advance of a performance.

Are there discounts for travel agents?

There are no travel agent discounts for La Nouba.

Are there discounts for children?

Children between the ages of 3-9 years are eligible for discounts.

How may I purchase tickets for someone with limited mobility?

Tickets for those with limited mobility may be obtained by calling (407) 939-7600.

At what age must children purchase tickets?

Children over 3 years of age must have a ticket to see La Nouba. Children under 3 years old are admitted free.

Are there discounts for Florida residents?

Disney occasionally offers La Nouba discounts to Florida residents and Disney season ticket holders. For more information, please contact the box office at (407) 939-7600.

Are there military discounts?

Military personnel and friends (maximum of 4) may obtain discounts on La Nouba tickets. Such tickets must be purchased at the box office on the same day as the show. Military personnel must present valid identification.

Is there a VIP ROUGE option for La Nouba?

There is no VIP ROUGE option for La Nouba.

Are there group ticket rates?

Should you like to reserve tickets for groups of twelve (12) or more, please call (407) 939-7600.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Tickets may be purchased using VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

Where do I pick up my tickets?

Tickets purchased for La Nouba may be mailed to you, or picked up at the theater's box office (open every day, from 11am-11pm). To pick up your tickets, all you need is your confirmation number.

How do I buy tickets without a credit card?

You may purchase tickets, without a credit card, at the La Nouba theater’s box office.

How can I reserve a specific seat?

The online ticket buying process does not allow for the purchase of specific seats. For your convenience, the online process offers the best available seating options (per section) for you to choose from (given your desired number of seats and price range).

Is my transaction cancelled when the countdown reaches zero?

Yes, once the countdown timer reaches zero the order is cancelled.

Is there a Cirque Club pre-sale for La Nouba tickets?

There are no Cirque Club member pre-sales for fixed venue shows.

Purchased individual tickets

I haven’t received my order confirmation.

If you haven’t yet received your order confirmation, please contact us or call the box office, directly, at (407) 939-7600.

Can I exchange or cancel my tickets?

All ticket sales are final. There are no exchanges or refunds.

What do I do if I’ve lost my tickets?

If you’ve lost your tickets, please contact us or call the box office directly at (407) 939-7600.

Can I give my tickets to someone to use?

Tickets for La Nouba are non-transferrable.

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What constitutes a group order?

A group consists of 12 or more tickets attending a single performance with one method of payment.

Is there an advantage to placing my group order early?

Booking early allows your group best seating availability and options. Advance bookings are also eligible for group discounts.

Will I automatically get the best seats for my group?

Various price categories are offered. Cirque du Soleil will always reserve the best available seats at the time of booking within your preferred price category. We suggest booking as early as possible to ensure the best seating availability.

Can children attend the show?

There are no age restrictions at La Nouba. All guests 3 years and older are required to have a ticket for entry into the theatre. Please inform us if you have children in your party. Children’s pricing is available.

Do you accommodate those with special needs?

Yes, special needs seating is available at each theatre – please notify Cirque du Soleil prior to placing your order if you require access to special needs seating areas.

How do I submit a group ticket order?

1. Request a group contract by calling 702-352-0197 toll-free 866-353-5625 or by email:
2. Complete the Group Ticket Sales Contract. Payment details must be included on the contract.
3. Submit your Group Ticket Sales Contract and signed Policies & Procedures Agreement via fax (702.352.0235) directly to the Account Executive assigned to your booking.
4. Cirque du Soleil reserves the best available seats in your selected category.
5. Detailed confirmation that includes exact seat locations, pick-up instructions and ticket office hours will be sent to you via email.

Once I have submitted my order how long does it take to process?

Generally, group processing takes a minimum (2) business days after payment has been processed.

How can I pay for my Group?

Accepted forms of payment include credit card, corporate checks or wire transfers; All payable in US dollars. Cash, cashier’s checks, certified checks, and personal checks cannot be accepted for group orders.

Are there any taxes added to the ticket price?

Yes, 6.5% Florida State sales tax is added to the cost of each ticket.

Are there any services fees?

No, there are no service fees for ordering group tickets.

Do you have student or senior group rates?

Yes, contact our office for rates.

Do you accept tax exempt certificates?

Tax exempt certificates and valid photo ID must be submitted in conjunction with the group sales contract to be considered.

Can I cancel tickets or make revisions to an existing order?

All group orders are considered final. We are unable to accommodate any requests for refunds or exchanges.

Once my group order is confirmed, how do I get the tickets?

Group tickets are only available for pick-up at the La Nouba Box Office. Pick-up instructions are specified within the group ticket confirmation document.

Is there a VIP ROUGE or any reception options for La Nouba?

There is no VIP ROUGE option for La Nouba. We would be happy to recommend nearby venues for your pre/post show functions.

Can I use Cirque du Soleil logos and graphics for invitations or flyers?

Yes, once a group order is confirmed you may request official show logos/visuals. A Graphic Release Contract will be drafted and must be submitted for approval by our Marketing Department; Cirque du Soleil logos/visual will be provided upon approval. Please contact your Account Executive for detailed information.


How do I get to the Cirque du Soleil theater?

Cirque du Soleil Theater 1478 North Buena Vista Drive Orlando, Florida 32830. For a map, please click here.

Is there any parking available?

There is no reserved parking, however, there is free parking near the theater (parking section #4).

Do I have to pay to access Downtown Disney?

La Nouba ticket holders are not required to pay to access Downtown Disney to get to the theater.

May I take pictures during the show?

For licensing and security reasons, it is not permitted to take pictures or record video of La Nouba.

How do I make a request to perform a wedding proposal before or during the show?

While we would very much like to accommodate requests for public wedding proposals before or during the show, we cannot. We receive many such requests, and so we must always refuse.

How can I go backstage at La Nouba?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to go backstage at La Nouba.

What can I do if I’ve lost something at the venue?

If you believe you’ve lost something at the theater, please call (407) 939-7600.