FallBack Hero

Coming Soon

We look forward to putting shows on sale when we have a confirmed opening date.

Set Design

<p>Designed to maximize the feeling of being right in the middle of the action, the stage space has been configured to provide spectators with an immersive visual and sound experience. In a modern urban setting, the acrobatic acts will be performed on a central stage in the stalls area, and on two stages located on either side of the tiered seating.</p> <p>On each side of the hall, two neighbouring towns are erected, joined by a circular footbridge. The visual images surround the audience. The show’s electrifying universe is a place where the light shines on, both day and night. The graphic architectural style of the sets is inspired by the atmosphere of great modern cities.</p>
Artists walk on a raised runway while orange and blue beams illuminate the stage - MŪV Cirque du Soleil


<p>The electrifying universe of MŪV will be accompanied by a musical framework with pop and rock sounds that invites you to move and dance, inspired by reinvented hits that will amaze the audience.</p> <p>Besides their undeniable popularity, these songs have been chosen because of their lyrics, which will be used to weave the narrative framework of the show.</p>
DJ plays music in front of an immense red lit crowd while smoke starts to cover the stage - Cirque du Soleil MŪV

Characters & Costumes

<p>MŪV's rather eccentric state-of-the-art costumes are embellished with a touch of pop rock. Both groups of city dwellers wear monochrome costumes in two or three shades drawn from the same colour palette. The inhabitants of the world of Flames wear costumes in bright orange and warm shades of red and yellow that reflect their playful and passionate image. </p> <p>In the world of Horizon, the people wear turquoise combined with pastel tones that echo their light, airy nature.</p>
One mannequin is dressed in orange and black clothes while the other one is dressed in blue and white - MŪV Andorra


<p>The lighting, which constantly showcases the artists, gives a theatrical, operatic feel to the sets, as well as being reminiscent of the pulsating vibe of a dazzling nightclub.</p> <p>In perfect harmony with the musical themes and rhythms, the landscape of light takes on a truly narrative dimension thanks to the colours, the intensity and the energy.</p>
Orange and blue light beams coming from the ceiling illuminate a music band playing on stage - MŪV Cirque du Soleil Andorra


60 min

What is MŪV?

MŪV is the new Cirque du Soleil exclusive event in Andorra. It combines acrobatic acts, dance, entertainment, music and DJing in an electrifying atmosphere where the audience is expected to play a leading role,

How long is MŪV?

The show is 60 minutes long, with no intermission.

Where and when can I see MŪV?

The event will be located in the public car park of Prada Casadet located in front of the Government building, in the centre of Andorra la Vella. MŪV will be performed every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from the 2nd to the 30th of July, 2022, with a only show performed on 31th July. The 60-minute show will start at 22:00 and there will be a pre-event activity.

Is MŪV appropriate for children?

Like most of Cirque du Soleil shows, MŪV is meant to entertain the whole family. That said, moments of loud noises and low-light scenes during the show can have an impact on our young audience.

Will MŪV merchandise be available?

Yes, there will be MŪV products available at the on-site gift shop.