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Cirque du Soleil stelt informatiemappen beschikbaar aan de pers over de verschillende shows en over het bedrijf.

- Personages

  • The Archers and Spearmen

    Relentless pursuers, expert martial artists, loyal followers, imperialistic warriors—the Archers and Spearmen are fearsome adversaries, and they're out to destroy the empire and anyone who is foolhardy enough to stand in their way.

  • The Chief Archer's Daughter

    Chief Archer's Daughter is beautiful, accomplished and brave. She is desired by the villains, but she's not interested in them. When she falls for the Twin Brother she finds her loyalties unexpectedly divided, and realizes she's in a battle of wills with her doting father.

  • The Counselor

    Ambitious, authoritarian and very devious, the Counselor is a villain in the classic mold. He rarely seeks the spotlight, but his hand is never far from the darker events and more nefarious deeds that threaten the heroes of KÀ.

  • The Counselor's Son

    The Counselor's Son is just as wicked as his father, and he enjoys being a villain punk with a relish that just might undo him one day. But until it does, he's mad, bad and dangerous to know. But a hint of tenderness lurks beneath his tough exterior as he tries to win the heart of the Chief Archer's Daughter.

  • The Court Jester

    When Archers and Spearmen invade the court, the Court Jester proves to be more than a simple entertainer. He spirits the Twin Brother away from mortal danger and puts his own life on the line to protect the boy. The Court Jester demonstrates tremendous strength through Brazilian Capoeira, and his soft tenderness with the shadow puppets.

  • The Firefly Boy

    The Twin Sister finds a powerful ally and life companion in the depths of a luminous forest. Firefly Boy enchants her with incredible aerial acrobatics. As the ultimate protector, he leads her quest in the climactic battle that decides the fate of the world of KÀ.

  • The Forest People

    The Forest People have adapted harmoniously to their lush environment with their luminescence and dexterity. They are skillful gravity-defying jumpers who offer shelter and protection to the Twin Sister when she descends into their world.

  • The Mountain Tribe

    The Mountain Tribe is a simple people living an isolated but happy life in their icy refuge on the mountaintop. But their resourceful, ingenious thinking has created a unique flying machine that saves them and the Twin Sister in the nick of time.

  • The Nursemaid

    The Nursemaid's unquenchable exuberance and joie-de vivre sustain her, and everyone around her, whenever things are at their most perilous and seemingly hopeless. She is the Twin Sister's stalwart companion on her odyssey of discovery.

  • The Twins

    The Brother and Sister are on the threshold of adult life. Inseparable companions and martial arts (Wushu) sparring partners, they are mature for their years but still have a lot to experience about the world outside the imperial court.

  • The Valets

    Thrust unwillingly into the heart of the action, the Valets were never quite the heroic type. But somehow they rise to the occasion and not only survive, but discover an inner strength they never suspected was there.