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Cirque du Soleil stelt informatiemappen beschikbaar aan de pers over de verschillende shows en over het bedrijf.


Mystère is een echte klassieker van Cirque du Soleil dankzij de combinatie van krachtige atletische kunsten, energieke acrobatiek en inspirerende fantasie, die zo eigen is aan het bedrijf. Als een 'bloem in de woestijn' van het theater weet Mystère alle leeftijden in vervoering te brengen met een vrolijke mix van fantasie, drama en het onvoorstelbare. Bij Mystère, alleen te zien in Treasure Island, Las Vegas, VS, kom je er uiteindelijk achter dat het leven zelf een mysterie is.


Vaste show in Treasure Island, Las Vegas, NV

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Mystère - Personages

  • De Spermatos / de Spermatites

    The Spermatos and Spermatites are like viruses, contaminating the world of Mystère with infectious folly. They are the seeds of life, moving about frantically to fulfill their destinies.

  • Rode Vogel

    The Red Bird leaps ever higher in his futile attempt to take to the skies. Still convinced he can fly, he struggles against his fate.

  • De Lakeien

    In perpetual servitude, the Laquais are the footmen of Mystère. Their objective is to serve and support others in their pursuit of happiness.

  • Kleine Brian

    Brian looks relatively harmless as he sprints through the audience, but remember: he does not belong to this magical world. He is a troublemaker, always doing things he shouldn't, always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • De baby's

    Always in search of warmth and food, the babies represent the primitive human state: selfish and hungry.

  • De Melkkoe

    When the Vache à Lait sounds his ancient horn, it heralds a rebirth, a new beginning. The Vache à Lait is the protector of babies and a symbol of fertility.

  • Moha-Samedi

    Moha-Samedi is the narrator no one listens to. He takes himself very seriously, and gets very angry and disagreeable when others don't.

  • De Schone

    La Belle celebrates the present because her beauty-like life itself-is ephemeral. She is the mystery of beauty, timeless and fleeting.

  • De Zwarte Weduwe

    The Black Widow is a praying mantis who destroys the illusions and dreams of her victims. She is the antithesis of the Belle's beauty and grace.

  • De roofvogels

    The ever-present and unpredictable Birds of Prey fly furiously through the world of Mystère. They can be graceful and serene, but when hungry they will attack, devouring their prey with delight.

  • De hagedissen

    This chameleon can completely disappear before your eyes. But when it skitters about in its reptilian dance, the lizard shows off its shiny green skin with flashes of scarlet.

  • De dubbele gezichten

    The Double Faces hide behind haunting masks. In constant search of their own identities, they seldom reveal vulnerability.