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De tijdloze productie "O" is als een levend schilderij vol waterkunst, surrealisme en theaterromantiek. "O" is geïnspireerd door het concept van oneindigheid en de sierlijkheid van water in zijn puurste vorm. De voorstelling brengt een ode aan de schoonheid van theater, van het eenvoudigste vermaak op straat tot de kleurrijkste opera. In het theater is alles mogelijk en speelt het toneelstuk dat leven heet zich voor je ogen af. Topacrobaten, synchroonzwemmers, duikers en vreemde personages vertonen hun kunsten in, op en boven het water en creëren een adembenemende belevenis. Alleen te zien in het Bellagio, Las Vegas, VS.


Vaste show in Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV

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«O» - Personages

  • Philemon

    Guifà is a young Sicilian boy, whose curiosity and quest for adventure transports him to a magical realm where all of his hopes, fears and dreams come true. He is a willing prisoner in this kaleidoscopic domain-the witness who is everywhere and every man.

  • De Oude

    Eugen is both the guide and the guardian of the theatre. Strong, yet vulnerable, this aging theatre manager knows all and provokes us to see the dark side of “O”. His ghostly orchestrations take us on a timeless journey through different worlds as he makes his own transformation from dark to white. He embodies the cyclical part of life where everything old becomes new again.

  • De Travestiet

    Wearing the clothes of a wicked woman, he coos, he hisses, he murmurs; his primal cries resound throughout the theatre.

  • De kometen

    The comets are noble and sexy, tinged with madness as they soar through the air and fall from the heavens. They accompany the characters as they make their entrances and exits.

  • De Gemaskerde Dief

    The thief is a masked character with many faces. Sometimes a clown, sometimes a bodyguard, he plays with fire.

  • De Verlichte

    The human torch is a pyromaniac who enjoys pleasing the crowd. He's just passing through, popping up out of nowhere, not worried that he is on fire.

  • De zebra's

    The Zebra in heat skips, waddles and seeks pleasure.

  • De Orgelman

    He can be seen as the guardian of each emerging world. Strong man, organ grinder, guileless giant, ever willing to be helpful.

  • Aurora

    Graceful, fragile and inaccessible, she represents the quest: she stands for fantasy, desire. Guifà catches sight of her in the prologue, pursues her whenever he sees her, and finds her again in the epilogue.