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Zumanity is a seductive twist on reality, making the provocative playful and the forbidden electrifying! Leave all inhibitions at the door and let loose as this adult-themed production takes you on a sexy thrill ride full of sensational acrobatics and naughty fun. Part burlesque and part cabaret, Zumanity is one full night you'll never forget! Zumanity was created for adults 18 and over. Only at New York-New York Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

Resident show at New York New York, Las Vegas, NV, United States More info


Come Together

This sensual dance is an unbridled release of sexual energy, wrapped in a political statement of the times. It’s an exhibition of free love in rebellion of the accepted conventions of order.

African Dance

Marie, Tiffany and Arnaud awaken an unbridled passion in Makeda. Exploding into a vigorous African dance, her arms, legs and torso take on a primal energy of their own, moving in time to an erotic and intoxicating tribal rhythm.


Abandoning their innocence, two sweet and pure contortionists wash away their inhibitions and taste love for the first time. Fluidly they glide through the water, striking an amazing array of sensual poses and exploring their physical, sexual and creative limits all at once.


Brandon brings fantasies to life. He flies and defies gravity on his chains. Dreams take flight as he soars through the air, performing daring feats of aerial athleticism choreography and strength.


Magnum, our very special secret agent, peels away his tough exterior in a sensual mission for the ladies. He tantalizes and teases the audience by revealing his chiseled body bit by bit before showing off his secret weapon.


In an aggressive but intimate hand-balancing duet, Katerina and Wayne entwine in a powerful act with breathtaking acrobatic-inspired maneuvers. Their flawless movements thrust the two kindred spirits into a provocative tale of lust.


A limber Lothario, Araz performs on command for his sadistic sirens, who take pleasure in watching him squirm. Redefining flexibility, his elastic body bends, twists, and contorts into nature-defying positions.

Perfect Jam

Gorgeous, and powerful, the dancers invade the space to express and celebrate their female and male energy and unleash their inner diva. Turning up the heat, they ignite the stage performing a sultry and dynamic dance that will entice the imagination.

Aerial Dream

One woman and one man. One bed. One airborne fantasy. She dreams about him, the intense secret object of her desires. They will meet and experience a magnificent, sensual and passionate performance. Dream or reality?


An astonishing performance combining strength and agility, symbolizing the struggle between innocence and passion. A solo hand-balancer executes a complex series of high level acrobatic movements.


2 men in a cage. Through their fierce choreography, a passionate story of impossible love and anger unfolds. Again and again, they attract and repel in intense conflict until the magnetic energy between them becomes more than they can bear.


Jill, alone on stage in fragile silence, is bound by her straps. In an exercise of self-inflicted pleasure and pain, she uses the leather to tease and torture herself, and slips seamlessly from one auto-erotic aerial figure to the next. Jill’s self-pleasuring bondage flight draws to a climactic finale.


Though he desperately tries to catch her attention, Alan remains unnoticed by Mariko, the musical muse whose beauty propels him to soar to new heights. Finally, the once-unattainable object of his affection is within arms’ reach, and their two worlds come together at the finale of this mesmerizing aerial dance.

Midnight Bath

You can’t keep love locked up in a bedroom…so Anouck, Monteece and Mario give their imaginations free reign and let fantasy take them to unexpected places. Using pink champagne as their medium, they caress each other’s flesh in a luscious sexual experiment.


The cast emerges from every orifice of the theatre, drawing the audience into their hedonistic play. In duos and trios, and some flying solo, they assume a smorgasbord of sexual positions on a lazily revolving stage, where they touch, stroke, moan and embrace until the tension builds to an orgasmic conclusion.


A fanfare of horns and drums announces the conclusion of the show. The cast members make their fashionable entrance, parading down the catwalk in costumes every bit as vibrant, bold, and diverse as their spectrum of talents and personalities. It’s an incandescent finale to the colourful cast of performers who have guided the audience on their journey into the world of Zumanity.

Roue Cyr (back up act)

Looking for the woman of his dreams, Jonas expresses his romantic desire in a giant ring. With ardent energy he executes a series of astonishing figures while spinning on stage inside his ring hoping to hold her into his arms.


Two clowns, in-house sex experts slightly past their prime, show us how to improve and enhance our daily sex life. They are happy to give unsolicited and hilarious advice and tips to become winners in the erotica arena and they are always looking for new students.

MC and Botero Sisters

The world of Zumanity unfolds under the supervision of Edie, the Mistress of Sensuality. Edie, Cirque du Soleil’s only resident drag queen, guides the audience through a journey of sexual self-discovery supported by the Botero Sisters who go on their own journey starting as prim and proper hostesses and end up letting their hair down and joining the fun.

Zumanity Orchestra

The nine piece Zumanity orchestra and two fabulous singers turn up the heat with songs driven by a strong techno beat with an overlay of jazz and a hint of gospel and soul. When the mood on stage turns more intimate, the music becomes more lyrical, creating a musical soundtrack unlike the music in any other Cirque du Soleil production. ur



“ZUMANITY touches the viewer’s heart, and sends it warm and smiling

into the Vegas night.”

– TIME Magazine

“Naughty, sexy, thrilling, daring”

– TIME Magazine

“ZUMANITY creates a fantastic world of intimacy and eroticism, creatively told in music, acrobatics, gymnastics, dance, humor and flesh.”

- San Francisco Chronicle

“Cirque du Soleil raises the bar once again, this time for ZUMANITY.”

– What’s On

“The groundbreaking show offers equal-opportunity titillation”

– Las Vegas Review-Journal

“As always, there's a fine overall sense of production – here brought home with a world of textured fabrics, smoky colors and sensuous music.”

– Daily Variety

“…the usual Cirque panache heightened by the intense sexuality

of the performers…”

– Daily Variety

“Thierry Mugler's costumes, in particular, are a triumph, bringing out

the best in every performer.”

– Daily Variety

“Va-va voom? No, ooh la-la.”

– Dallas Morning News

“ZUMANITY is a voyeuristic exploration of hidden passions, sensuality and

ultimate seduction…Las Vegas’ reigning fantasy event…”

– San Francisco Bay Times

“ZUMANITY has some of the most beautiful things you may ever see on a stage…”

– Entertainment Weekly

“It’s amazing. It’s fun. It’s hot.”

– The Advocate


Writer and Director Varekai, Zumanity - Director and writer of original show concept The Beatles LOVE
Writer and Director
Director of Creation
Creator and Costume Designer
Set Designer , Varekai, Zumanity, KOOZA - Set and Props Designer , KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities
Composer and Musical Director Luzia
Acrobatic Choreographer Luzia - Acrobatic Choreographer Amaluna, Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour
Choreographer Zumanity
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Projection Designer Zumanity
Makeup Designer
Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer
Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities, Luzia
Prop Designer