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La Nouba

O nome do show La Nouba tem como origem a expressão francesa “faire la nouba”, que significa festejar, aproveitar. É um mundo em que o sonho e a realidade se misturam quando os mundos circense e urbano se encontram no palco. Combinando acrobacias, fascinantes coreografias, personagens extravagantes e música ao vivo, o espetáculo La Nouba estimula nossa imaginação do começo ao fim. Somente no Walt Disney World® Resort, na Flórida.


La Nouba - Fun Facts

  • La Nouba premiered in Orlando on December 23, 1998. It was the third resident show ever created - after Mystère and “O” in Las Vegas.
  • comes from the French phrase "faire la nouba," which means "to party," or "to live it up."
  • Since launch, La Nouba has entertained over 9 million guests and has performed over 7,100 shows.
  • Over 20% of the La Nouba cast is original to the show.
  • The 1,671-seat theater is the first freestanding permanent structure ever built for Cirque du Soleil. Set Designer Michel Crête of Cirque du Soleil, Michel Aubé of Scéno Plus, Walt Disney Imagineering, and the architects of the Rockwell group of New York collaborated on the overall design of the building.
  • There are 1730 audio cables – if placed end to end they would span 865,000 ft or 164 miles.
  • Over 1200 lighting fixtures are used for each performance of La Nouba
  • The La Nouba Stage Managers have said "go" almost 1 million times.
  • The most expensive item sold at the La Nouba Boutique was a bronze Le Titan Sculpture that sold for $12,500.
  • The wardrobe department handles over 3000 costumes and headpieces every day.
  • Most of the 65 artists performing in La Nouba wear three different costumes per show.
  • 600 rhinestones are hand applied to each of the three Le Cons costumes; 8 costumes are worn each night.
  • Since the launch of the show, La Nouba has used 42,780 balloons in the show.
  • There have been over 2.8 million flips in the PowerTrack act since the show launched.
  • During the PowerTrack act you will see 394 Flips and 62 Twists in seven minutes.
  • One of La Nouba’s trampoline artists has not missed a show since it opened in 1998.
  • There has been 285 miles traveled by the little train used by the imaginary frog in the show – more miles from Orlando to Miami.
  • Six musicians play 22 instruments in the show – live, each night!