Amaluna will send your spirit soaring and bring your heart to places it’s never been before.

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star
Rosario, Аргентина
Autodromo Rosario
февраля 14, 2018 - марта 4, 2018
Буэнос-Айрес, Аргентина
Costanera Sur
марта 15, 2018 - апреля 1, 2018
Cordoba, Аргентина
Ecodistrito las Artes
апр 26-29, 2018
Сантьяго, Чили
Ciudad Empresarial
мая 31, 2018 - июня 14, 2018
Lima, Перу
Jockey Club Del Perú
июля 22, 2018 - августа 12, 2018
Quito, Эквадор
Parque Bicentenario
сен 6-16, 2018
About Amaluna
Two Amaluna artists

A Mysterious Island Ruled by Goddesses

After directing her daughter's coming of age ceremony, honouring femininity, renewal, rebirth and balance, Queen Prospera causes a storm.

A group of young men wash up on the isle, triggering an epic love story between Prospera’s daughter and a brave young suitor. Theirs is a love that will be tested.

Acrobatic Romance



Due to the nature of the acts in the show, changes in the cast may occur. In addition, the content and duration of the show may differ from time to time. Although we try to keep this information up to date, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

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