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Eine super Show. Wir waren begeistert. Akrobatik vom Feinsten!!!

Участник с Ноябрь 2010

Eduard Moik, Австрия

8 ноября 2015 г. 3:21

Huge waste of time/money!!!!! Bad production, no mesmerizing feats, just a bunch of slapstick comedy acts with no story line (and we didn’t laugh). Only 2 acts “attempted” to show some skills but were not impressive at all – was like watching America’s Got Talent first time auditions (except with better costumes), as if watching newly hired members still in training. Truly regretted going and will definitely think twice before paying to see another show. If I could demand a refund, I would.

Участник с Июль 2012

Jo Ann Sy, Канада

29 октября 2015 г. 12:11

I've been to 6 Cirque shows (4 travelling shows) and was pretty disappointed with Varekai. I've come to expect to be amazed by crazy acrobatics and acts at the Cirque shows and this show was utterly boring. There was about 10 people that gave a standing ovation at the end, I was not one of them. I would not recommend this show.

Уча��тник с Февраль 2006

Angela Lou, Канада

8 сентября 2015 г. 17:43

This was my 3rd Cirque show and if I could give it less than 1 star I would! The show itself was boring and it was hard to follow the story line. After getting home and reading through the program guide, I saw that 4 acts from the program were not even in the show! We paid a lot of money, plus a 2 hour drive to Toronto to see half of a show? This was our daughters first show we brought her to and even she was unimpressed. Sorely disappointed!!!

Участник с Декабрь 2014

Lynnsay Pilon, Канада

7 сентября 2015 г. 0:14

Worst Cirque show I've ever seen!! Was my 5th show and this one didn't even come close in comparison to the other four, all of which I all absolutely loved. Almost thought it was a joke at intermission since all we had seen were very mediocre performances and a bunch of sliding on the floor. I was actually bored for a lot of the show and not one performance but the last was at all memorable. Seemed like it was all just filler. Waste of time and money and an embarrassment to the CDS name.

Участник с Июль 2014

Mathew Biskup, Канада

5 сентября 2015 г. 23:31

Sad to give a Cirque show a 2 star rating but I was disappointed by this show. This is my 4th show, was looking forward to being transported to another world full of magic. The show being in the ACC (Toronto) rather than the big tent was a disappointment, it was a completely different atmosphere. The theatrics & height of the performances was lost. Acrobats did great jobs, clowns were funny & the final act was fantastic but there was a huge lack of awe. Not enough "wow!" & too much "hm".

Участник с Август 2011

Natasha Allan, Канада

5 сентября 2015 г. 10:31

This is my third show in 20 years. First, Allegria. Then Kooza. Now Varekai. In an arena, rather than a tent or one of their permanent installations, there is not enough height for a decent aerial show. Many acts I'm used to seeing were absent. It was 80% clowning and only 20% acrobatics (and I am being generous in including a baton twirler, break dancer and juggler as "acrobats"). There was about ten minutes of "Oooh" in 2 hours of "Zzzzzzzz". It was like watching "The Wiggles, Live".

Участник с Октябрь 2013

Kristin Maillard, Канада

4 сентября 2015 г. 10:31

This was my first Cirque du Soleil show, so I didn't have anything to compare it to. I thought it was good, but not great. The costumes were beautiful and all of the acts were good. I found the story line easy to follow, but could see how not everyone would get it. I did feel as though there was a lot of "down time" where we were watching the 2 clowns perform. Overall, I enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing other Cirque shows when they come to town!

Участник с Август 2015

Meghan Blewitt, Канада

4 сентября 2015 г. 9:20

Very disappointed. Attended Totem a few years ago and was blown away by the talent and unreal acts that the artists were preforming. Last night I brought 11 of my family members to the show at the ACC in Toronto and all of us left confused by the shows story line and unimpressed by the acts. The costumes were great, the juggler was impressive and the acrobats were extremely talented, however none of us were "wowed" as we were at Totem. It was more of weird skits and silly dancing around.

Участник с Сентябрь 2012

David Kelly, Канада

3 сентября 2015 г. 9:14

I have seen 6 shows from the larger productions in vegas to the touring ones and this one fell short. The story line was confusing and the acts did not wow me as other shows. There were many, many low parts in this production. For the price point of this show - there should have been more complicated acts. Or at least more of the acts. Most of the show was taken up by the clowns and another character that just hopped around the stage smelling his arm pits. Literally.

Участник с Май 2012

Andrea Gibbs, США

1 сентября 2015 г. 13:41

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