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“ Mystère”是太陽劇團經典之作。它集強勁的競技、高度精力的特技表演、已成為公司特徵具啟發性的比喻手法於一身。本劇被認為是劇場的“沙漠之花”,以其融合奇想、戲劇和超乎想像的表現手法,震撼著數代觀眾的心。本劇只在金銀島飯店(Treasure Island)上演, “ Mystère”帶給人終極的發現:生活本身,神秘難解。


在 Treasure Island, 拉斯维加斯, NV 的常驻演出


Mystère - 角色

  • The Spermatos / The Spermatites

    The Spermatos and Spermatites are like viruses, contaminating the world of Mystère with infectious folly. They are the seeds of life, moving about frantically to fulfill their destinies.

  • 红鸟

    The Red Bird leaps ever higher in his futile attempt to take to the skies. Still convinced he can fly, he struggles against his fate.

  • Les Laquais

    In perpetual servitude, the Laquais are the footmen of Mystère. Their objective is to serve and support others in their pursuit of happiness.

  • Brian Le Petit

    Brian looks relatively harmless as he sprints through the audience, but remember: he does not belong to this magical world. He is a troublemaker, always doing things he shouldn't, always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Les Bébés

    Always in search of warmth and food, the babies represent the primitive human state: selfish and hungry.

  • La Vache à Lait

    When the Vache à Lait sounds his ancient horn, it heralds a rebirth, a new beginning. The Vache à Lait is the protector of babies and a symbol of fertility.

  • Moha-Samedi

    Moha-Samedi is the narrator no one listens to. He takes himself very seriously, and gets very angry and disagreeable when others don't.

  • La Belle

    La Belle celebrates the present because her beauty-like life itself-is ephemeral. She is the mystery of beauty, timeless and fleeting.

  • The Black Widow

    The Black Widow is a praying mantis who destroys the illusions and dreams of her victims. She is the antithesis of the Belle's beauty and grace.

  • The Birds of Prey

    The ever-present and unpredictable Birds of Prey fly furiously through the world of Mystère. They can be graceful and serene, but when hungry they will attack, devouring their prey with delight.

  • 蜥蜴

    This chameleon can completely disappear before your eyes. But when it skitters about in its reptilian dance, the lizard shows off its shiny green skin with flashes of scarlet.

  • 双面 (The Double Faces)

    The Double Faces hide behind haunting masks. In constant search of their own identities, they seldom reveal vulnerability.