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Quidam” —— 无名的路人,踌躇徘徊于街角的孤独形影,转瞬即逝的行人 ——他可以是任何一个人,任何一个来到、离去、在这个平凡至极得的社会中生活的凡人,也可以是沉默大众中的一员,或是置身于我们当中呐喊、歌唱并梦想的人。这就是太阳剧团引以为豪的 “Quidam"。

一个七窍生烟的年轻女孩,她已经看过一切可看的,世界失去了所有的意义。愤怒使她的小小世界支离破碎,而后他发现自己身在 “Quidam” 的宇宙。她拥有了快乐的同伴,同时却遇到了另一个企图以奇幻、不安以及恐惧引诱她的神秘人物。




Quidam - 角色

  • Zoé(儿童)

    Zoé is an average little girl. She is bored yet curious, and she longs for the fun and excitement she believes lie just beyond her reach.

  • Father

    Lost behind his newspaper, ensconced in his den, Father will eventually open his eyes to find himself among his family and loved ones once again.

  • 母亲 - 父亲

    Feeling alienated, Mother will soon rediscover the intense feeling of being alive through pain and courage, play and love.

  • Mark

    With his tragically spare hairdo, Mark is a different kind of ringmaster. He is eerie yet charming: part television personality and part substitute teacher with his own renegade lesson plan, a circumnavigator on a mysterious journey.

  • The target

    Grace in motion, the Target chooses to live in empty space, present and absent at the same time, a companion to the lost girl for a little while.

  • Boum boum

    Boum-Boum is aggressive and physically fit. And yet, he is lifeless, as though his body lives on only because his soul refuses to leave it.

  • 小丑

    The Clown brings a contemporary vision of clowning. With subversive, crazy audience participation numbers, he tells his own story, bringing to Quidam the joyful, burlesque, and liberated language of clown. This colorful, brash, and crazy world reminds us that the circus is forever a universal spectacle.

  • 飞行员

    The Aviator has skeletal wings, but doesn't look quite ready to take off. Perhaps he doesn't know he has wings. Perhaps he knows, but can't fly. Perhaps, like Icarus, he has tried and failed. Or perhaps he simply wants to escape this world and its problems.