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Quidam” —— 无名的路人,踌躇徘徊于街角的孤独形影,转瞬即逝的行人 ——他可以是任何一个人,任何一个来到、离去、在这个平凡至极得的社会中生活的凡人,也可以是沉默大众中的一员,或是置身于我们当中呐喊、歌唱并梦想的人。这就是太阳剧团引以为豪的 “Quidam"。

一个七窍生烟的年轻女孩,她已经看过一切可看的,世界失去了所有的意义。愤怒使她的小小世界支离破碎,而后他发现自己身在 “Quidam” 的宇宙。她拥有了快乐的同伴,同时却遇到了另一个企图以奇幻、不安以及恐惧引诱她的神秘人物。




Quidam - Costumes

Quidam is the first show to use everyday clothing – though adapted – in its acrobatic acts. The broken colours used for the costumes – from blue to pink tones – create a dramatic effect and add to the show’s gloomy overall atmosphere. The basic material used for nearly all the costumes is stretch linen – a new innovation that gives them a worn look. Other materials used include leather, jute, linen crepe, wool, velvet and 42 types of cotton.


  • There are approximately 250 costumes, 500 costume accessories and 200 to 300 pairs of shoes in Quidam.
  • Each artist has between 2 and 7 costumes.
  • Each costume is specifically designed for the artist and there are two spares of every costume.
  • The costumes of the Banquine troupe in the first and second part of the show have the same design but different colours. In the first half of their performance, they are more colourful, representing characters in a real world. In the second half, the colours of the costumes are muted, representing life after war and tragedy.
  • There are 20 wigs used in Quidam, which are made from natural and synthetic hair and are styled for every show.
  • All the shoes are hand-painted to blend in with the colours of the costumes. These shoes are retouched and painted before every performance. There are 30 hats in Quidam including the bowler hat of the Quidam character which Zoe uses to enter the magical world.
  • The Quidam tour travels with washers and dryers to allow the wardrobe staff to care for the costumes. All costumes are washed daily.
  • The Quidam wardrobe team is responsible for maintaining and repairing all costumes. Costumes can last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years.
  • Eighty percent of the fabrics are custom-dyed. These fabrics are usually white and are hand-dyed and printed in custom colours in the Montreal costume workshop.