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Quidam” —— 无名的路人,踌躇徘徊于街角的孤独形影,转瞬即逝的行人 ——他可以是任何一个人,任何一个来到、离去、在这个平凡至极得的社会中生活的凡人,也可以是沉默大众中的一员,或是置身于我们当中呐喊、歌唱并梦想的人。这就是太阳剧团引以为豪的 “Quidam"。

一个七窍生烟的年轻女孩,她已经看过一切可看的,世界失去了所有的意义。愤怒使她的小小世界支离破碎,而后他发现自己身在 “Quidam” 的宇宙。她拥有了快乐的同伴,同时却遇到了另一个企图以奇幻、不安以及恐惧引诱她的神秘人物。




Quidam - Set Design

Evoking a monolithic structure like a train station or an airport where people constantly come and go, the minimalist set is dominated by a giant arch. The floor, built from perforated metal tiles, is illuminated from above and below and appears at times metallic, at times incandescent. Changes in the lighting – contrasts in hues, angles and light beams – can instantly transform the mood of a scene from comedy to tragedy. The revolving stage reflects an ever-changing, unpredictable world.

Fast Facts:

  • The arch (also known as the “téléphérique”) is constructed of five all-aluminum rails for an overall length of 120 feet.
  • Each rail of the téléphérique houses two trolleys that run from one end of the structure to the other. One is used to transport performers and acrobatic equipment and the other raises or lowers them to the appropriate height and position for the particular act.
  • The stage floor is made of aluminum decks with a rubber type mat. The rubber is perforated to allow light to surpass from below, thus creating special visual effects. There are more than 200,000 perforations.