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TOTEM 追踪人类进化的奇妙过程:从原始两栖动物状态到最终渴望飞翔的期望。人物在舞台上表演进化,使人想起许多远古文明起源的象征 - 巨型海龟。

受到许多创始神话的启发,TOTEM 通过视觉和特技方式阐述了物种的进化过程。

科学与传奇性 TOTEM 之间在某些地方可以将人类与其他物种、其梦想和其无穷无尽的潜力相连结。




TOTEM - 角色

  • Fleur

    The young Amerindian dancer takes us into a magical world, tracing the history of the evolution of species with his rings.

  • Fleur

    He comes from space to spark life on Earth. Early in the show, we see him animate the turtle’s skeleton and at the end he closes the show by diving into a lagoon.

  • Fleur

    A Darwinesque Explorer who visits the different worlds of the show. In his advanced laboratory, aided by his assistants and a monkey, he dazzles us with his amazing physics experiments.

  • Fleur

    Environmentally conscious, a friend of the animals, he guides and assists the Scientist in his explorations. Angered by the thoughtless, polluting actions of a clown, he transforms before our eyes into a Toreador.

  • Valentino

    Valentino, the macho, chatty, boastful provocateur. With his camera in hand, he is a lively, arrogant tourist who litters and disturbs.

  • Clown Fisherman

    The Fisherman, a practical man, is wary of fuss and extravagance. He finds a silver lining (or a steel pot) for every situation life throws his way.