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La Nouba

La Nouba 這一名稱源自於法語「faire la nouba」,意思是狂歡派對。 這是夢想和現實交互穿越的世界,在這裡,現代都市與馬戲表演同現於同一舞臺。 藉助特技、炫光艷舞、特色人物和生動音樂的交互融合,La Nouba 從頭到尾激發著我們的無限遐想。 本劇僅在位於福羅裡達州 Walt Disney World® 度假村上演。


長駐演出節目地點 , 奧蘭多, FL


La Nouba - 角色

  • 小醜

    They are sometimes friends, sometimes enemies. Guiding guests on their colorful journey through this new place called La Nouba. Enhancing a world that mesmerizes and mystifies.
  • Les Cons (堅果)

    Once upon a time there were four Nuts. Four Nuts that no one could see, but they themselves saw everything. Nuts they might be, but mad they were not. And these Nuts had but one idea in their heads: to mind everyone’s business but their own, to disobey, to muddle lines, stories, destinies . . . and to have fun!

  • 舞者

    Imagine a classic love story with the passion and intensity of Romeo and Juliet. Only now, imagine Juliet lost, longing for her love. This dance is a never-ending story filled with desire, fear and a longing for more.

  • 泰坦

    He is a solitary figure, unfriendly and potentially threatening. He marches assertively through the world of La Nouba, like a nightmare waiting to take over a sweet dream. Beware the giant.

  • 清潔女工

    Once upon a time, there was an Attic that had been abandoned for many years. Among the cobwebs, the forgotten toys, the trunks bursting with memories, strange and fabulous characters lay dormant, just waiting to take up their tale. All she had to do was open the door. As the door swung shut behind her, Petite Madame (who had merely come to do a little cleaning), found herself beset on all sides by a mad reel of the possible and the impossible, dream and reality, the wonderful and the everyday.

  • 雜技丑角

    A member of the Red Pierrot family, the Acrobatic Pierrot appears up on the mountain, on the wall at the End of the World, on the Rocks, at the heart of the action.

  • 綠鳥

    She has escaped her cage, and desperately wants to fly. But she can't fly away and join the circus, because she is too awkward. She remains trapped in the urban world like a marionette with tangled strings.

  • 路人

    What’s going on in the head (under the hat) of the lonely little Walker? Back and forth he goes, never stopping... except at very specific moments, for reasons known to him alone.