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"Quidam "——無名的路人、躊躇徘徊於街角的孤獨形影、轉瞬即逝的行人——他可以是任何一個人,任何一個來到、離去、在這個平凡至極的社會中生活的凡人,也可以是沈默大眾中的一員,或是置身於我們當中吶喊、歌唱並夢想的人。這就是太陽劇團引以為傲的"Quidam "。

一個七竅生煙的年輕女孩,她已經看過一切可看的,世界失去了所有的意義。憤怒使她的小小世界支離破碎,而後她發現自己身在 "Quidam" 的宇宙。她擁有了快樂的同伴,同時卻也遇到了另一個企圖以奇幻、不安以及恐懼引誘她的神祕人物。


在 舉行的巡迴表演


Quidam - 扮演

  • Aerial Contortion in Silk

    Intensity, power and grace combine a young woman becomes one with the column of red fabric which supports and cradles her. Set to haunting music, contortionist and cloth intertwine, separate and embrace again. The translucent fabric occasionally hugs the body of the performer, creating a stunning effect.

  • Banquine

    The banquine act showcases the amazing agility of the human body. Fifteen artists perform spectacular sequences of acrobatics and human pyramids, astounding audiences with their perfectly synchronized movements. Banquine is an Italian acrobatic tradition, with origins that date back to the Middle Ages. This breathtaking act won a Golden Clown at the International Monte Carlo Circus Festival in 1999.

  • Diabolo

    The diabolo, or Chinese yo-yo, is a child's game that the Chinese have evolved into an art form. The performer holds two sticks linked by a string on which a plastic spool is juggled, tossed and balanced. Hypnotizing the audience he tries to outdo each trick in this stunning game of dexterity and ingenuity.

  • 德國之輪

    A gymnastic exercise hailing from Germany, the German wheel is taken to a whole new level in Quidam. The artist becomes a human spoke as he spins, turns, twists and maneuvers the wheel, performing gravity-defying somersaults and acrobatics.

  • 平衡桿

    Alighting onto the stage, the artist's gracious silhouette immediately captivates the imagination. Perched on balancing canes, she moves elegantly through a series of precarious positions of ever-increasing intricacy.

  • 跳繩

    Do you remember the joy you felt as a child skipping rope with your friends? Drawing its inspiration from dance, acrobatics and the art of manipulation, Cirque du Soleil has transformed this familiar child's game into a choreographic feat. As the ropes beat time, a group of 20 acrobats, endowed with exceptional co-ordination and rhythm, perform a steady stream of solo, duo and group jumps and figures.

  • 西班牙網

    Breaking with tradition, Quidam presents the Spanish web as a group act. Artists fly over the stage, attached to a specially designed conveyer called a telepheric. Suddenly, time stands still as the acrobats, in turn or as a group, drop into the void, stopped only by the ropes looped around their waists or ankles.

  • 塑像 — La Vision

    Never losing contact, two strong, flexible performers move almost imperceptibly, assuming positions impossible without an impeccable sense of balance. The artists call on their sensitivity and powers of concentration in their quest for perfect harmony. Their act is testimony to the natural beauty of the human body.

  • 空中箍

    In hoops suspended above the stage, the performers pivot and twirl through the air, at times solo and at times in unison, performing stunning feats of grace and dexterity.

  • Juggling

    The manipulation juggling act utilizes several objects that are symbolic to the storyline of Quidam. Using a bowler hat, umbrella, briefcase and red spheres the juggler strings together impressive feats of balance and dexterity all the while maintaining his character role as Papa.

  • Clown Cinema

    The clown brings a contemporary vision of clowning, a brash, and crazy reminder that the circus is forever a universal spectacle. With this subversive, colorful audience participation number, he creates a show within the show, a special performance for Zoé.