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A cause: at–risk youth

Since young people have such a vital role to play in the evolution of society, it has always been important to Cirque du Soleil to encourage and promote the potential of youth. This is why we chose to get involved with young people, especially young street people living in the street. Their cause is close to our hearts, and Cirque is actively seeking ways to give to them the opportunity to forge new links with the community, while respecting their marginality.

The cause of youth at risk reflects the origins of Cirque du Soleil. The ways in which we get involved are also in the image of who we are and what we do – and reflect our dedication to innovation and originality. We use what we do best – circus arts – as our medium of intervention.

An intervention approach: social circus

Social circus is an innovative social intervention approach based on the circus arts. It targets various at-risk groups living in precarious personal and social situations, including street or detained youth and women survivors of violence. In this approach, the primary goal is not to learn the circus arts, but rather to assist with participants’ personal and social development by nurturing their self-esteem and trust in others, as well as by helping them to acquire social skills, become active citizens, express their creativity and realize their potential. Social circus is a powerful catalyst for creating social change because it helps marginalized individuals assume their place within a community and enrich that community with their talents.

Cirque du Monde

A social circus program set in motion in 1995, Cirque du Monde is one of the greatest sources of pride for Cirque du Soleil.
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Social circus training

In 2000 Cirque du Soleil, in association with circus schools and other interested partners, set up an international training program aimed at developing the teaching skills of social circus instructors and community workers.
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