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<p> A courageous and determined twelve-year-old, Julie shared a passion for Disney Animation with her artist father. Her journey into wonderment—as characters and tools of the animator’s craft come to life—becomes life-changing. </p>
Julie is dressed in a red shirt and blue pants and is sitting on the floor drawing in a book.

Squash and Stretch

<p> For hard-working animators, Friday night mischief meant getting up from their drawing boards and launching an old-fashioned rubber band fight. Inspired by objects that shot from stretched rubber bands, acrobats spring from a teeterboard to dizzying heights, celebrating the unbridled pleasure of animation. </p>
Six acrobats are performing with a teeterboard and a giant rubber band. Five of them are on the ground, while the sixth one is in the air, holding the rubber band with both hands after jumping from the teeterboard.

Hand to Hand Love

<p> Two artists connect through movements that defy both strength and gravity, inspiring awe with their hand-and-body balancing act. The harmonious physical duet showcases graceful precision and trust between the performers. </p>
A man and a woman are performing a dance act. The woman appears to be floating in the air above the man.

The Old Mill

<p> Walt Disney’s groundbreaking 1937 animated short The Old Mill is represented in a spectacular, churning, fast-moving double wheel structure. Gravity-defying acrobats are in constant motion with the turning wheels, riding their rise and fall—at times airborne—with astonishing balance and agility. </p>
Four performers hang onto a round metallic spinning contraption named the Wheel of Death - Drawn to Life Cirque du Soleil.

Icarian Games

<p> Two pairs of acrobats stealthily juggle their partners with their feet into mesmerizing flips and twists. This act is a nod to how Walt Disney would bring real animals to his animators so they could study their physiology and movements. </p>
Two acrobats lying on their backs, juggling with their feet, gracefully tossing and catching their partners.

The Inner World of Animation

<p> A group of rhythmic gymnasts execute flips, jumps and bounces with extreme precision to represent movement through pages of drawings that make up mere seconds of animation. </p>
A group of gymnasts in costumes performing flips.

The Dream of Colors

<p> Two artists silhouetted in a suspended giant wheel execute increasingly complex flips and somersaults and create dramatic watercolor streaks across the canvas 25 feet in the air alongside three artists spinning, flying, contorting, and dazzling in tri-colored aerial hoops. The colors pay homage to legendary Disney Animation artist Mary Blair and the Women of Ink and Paint, unsung heroes whose brushstrokes gave life to early animation celluloids. </p>
Two performers inside a large aerial wheel.


<p> Playful unicyclists representing the Blue Fairy of the classic Disney Animation film Pinocchio appear to effortlessly float across the stage, performing synchronized stunts and individual tricks with pinpoint precision. </p>
A group of four women, perfectly synchronized, riding unicycles.

Listen to your favorite songs from Drawn to Life

Check out the playlist featuring original motion picture recordings of the songs from Disney Animation that inspired the music in Drawn to Life.

Drawn to Life FAQs


90 min

What is the story of Drawn to Life?

This new show follows the story of Julie, a courageous and determined girl who discovers an unexpected gift left by her late father: an unfinished animation piece. Guided by a surprising pencil, she embarks on an inspiring quest sprinkled with her Disney childhood memories. Through this journey, she will learn to imagine new possibilities and animate the story of her future.

Drawn to Life transport guests into the world of Disney animation in Cirque du Soleil’s signature style. This entirely new Orlando experience will wow Walt Disney World guests and Cirque du Soleil fans, both young and old, while bringing timeless Disney stories to life in an unforgettable new way.

How long is Drawn to Life?

Drawn to Life is 90 minutes with no intermission.

Where can I see Drawn to Life?

The Drawn to Life Theatre is located on the West Side of Disney Springs, in Florida. The show Drawn to Life is an exclusive family-friendly performance that can only be seen in Orlando, Florida.

Do I need a Disney Park ticket to see Drawn to Life?

No, you do not need a Disney Park ticket to see Drawn to Life in Disney Springs. Drawn to Life is a premier Orlando attraction and a must-see show that sets it apart from other entertainment offerings in the city. It's the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in this one-of-a-kind show in the heart of Orlando's entertainment district.

Is Drawn to Life appropriate for kids?

Whether you're visiting Orlando with children or seeking a captivating experience for all ages, Drawn to Life offers a family-friendly show that will create lasting memories for everyone.

Ticket Information

Adult tickets are for ages 10+.
Children tickets are for ages 3-9.
Children 2 and under are free provided they sit on their parent’s lap.

How do I get to the Drawn to Life Theatre?

From 1-4 take Exit 67 toward EPCOT/Disney Springs. Then stay in the right lane and follow signs to Disney Springs.

Self-parking is complimentary in all surface lots and garages, providing direct access to Disney Springs. When parking at Disney Springs, please arrive at least 60 minutes before any scheduled event, show or reservation.

  • For surface parking, we recommend the Watermelon Parking Lot, which is directly next to the Cirque du Soleil Theatre.
  • For garage parking, we recommend the Orange Garage, which is a short walk from the Theatre.

How can I reach customer service by email?

If you wish to join us by email, please contact us here: DrawnToLife.CustomerService@cirquedusoleil.com.

Who is part of the creation team on the show?

The creation team of Drawn to Life, the 50th original production of Cirque du Soleil:

Chief Creative Officer & Executive Producer
Diane Quinn

Writer and Show Director
Michel Laprise

Creative Director
Fabrice Becker

Production Director
Matthew Whelan

Acrobatic Designer
Germain Guillemot

Acrobatic Equipment Designer
Danny Zen

Kostiantyn Tomilchenko
Andrew Skeels
Lydia Bouchard

Comedic Designer
Joe de Paul

Costume Designer
Philippe Guillotel

Light Designer
Martin Labrecque

Magie Nouvelle
Raphaël Navarro

Make-up Designer
Eleni Uranis

Music Composer
Benoit Jutras

Projection Designers
Mathieu St-Arnaud
Félix Fradet-Faguy

Projections Producer

Puppets Designer
Johanna Ehlert

Set Designer
Stephane Roy

Sound Designer
Jonathan Deans