Riviera Maya, Mexico

The Cirque du Soleil Theater

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VIP Package

Priority seating and access with unlimited champagne*, a welcoming cocktail, a full hour of pre-show entertainment while you indulge in an intimate and exclusive dinner before the show starts. Duration: 2h30 minutes

*Unlimited champagne provided prior to the show only

Dinner, show & champagne

A full hour of pre-show entertainment while you indulge in an intimate and exclusive dinner with champagne before the show starts. Duration: 2h20 minutes

*Half bottle of champagne per person

Premium Seats, Drinks and Appetizers

Enjoy champagne, wine or non-alcoholic beverages paired with our chef’s selection of savory bites. Duration: 2 hours

*Includes half bottle of champagne per person *The champagne will be awaiting for you at your seats. If you want one of our other options instead please let your waiter know

Show only

Enjoy this journey without food or beverages. Every seat is a great one in this intimate 600-seat theater setting. Duration: 1h20 minutes

*Join us before or after the show at the bar and lounge Nektar, located next to the theatre, and ask for our special drinks and dishes

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Whether for business or for fun, we offer different deliciously creative options and special benefits for purchases of 15 tickets or more

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Best view seats. Tickets usually reserved for Show producers.

*Limited inventory. Includes a VIP Dinner ticket and a photo with the artists after the show.

Special occasions

Get engaged at Riviera Maya and make this day even more unforgettable with Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ. Go behind the scenes for the very best of Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ with an exclusive backstage tour.

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About the Show

An Experience for the Senses

JOYÀ, the first Cirque du Soleil resident show in Mexico, combines culinary and performing arts in an intimate theater setting to engage the audience's five senses. Drawing on Mexico's history and heritage, JOYÀ tells the story of an alchemist and his granddaughter embarking on a quest to uncover the secrets of life. Don't miss the opportunity to taste extraordinary dishes and live an unforgettable night exclusively at the Cirque du Soleil Theater at Vidanta Riviera Maya. JOYÀ, a thrilling, whimsical show in which joy, courage and friendship conquer all!

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Suspended and swinging high up in the air, the Queen of the night produces breathtaking pirouettes.



Handbalancing on canes

A solo artist takes center stage effortlessly balancing her weight with the fluidity of ballet, contortion and the strength of an athlete.



Icarian games

Dynamic duo showcasing strength, agility, complete synchronisation and a definite showmanship!



The JOYÀ characters are an intrinsic part of the story. Often half-human, they are all part of Joyà’s imagination, taking the role of aide or obstacle in Zelig’s quest of knowledge transfer.



Trampo Wall

A quartet of artists execute a bouncing choreography, where precision is a must!




The inspiration behind the Cirque du Soleil Theater, at Vidanta Riviera Maya, comes primarily from the natural beauty of Mexico and its wealth of art and cultures, cleverly incorporated in the design, orchestrated so to have you live the unforgettable experience that is JOYÀ. Specially designed landscaping and architecture you can visit virtually.

The Cirque du Soleil Theater



  • Richard Dagenais
  • Martin Genest
  • James Lavoie
  • Nathalie Gagné
  • Bob & Bill
  • Jean Laurin
  • Jacques Boucher
  • Guillaume Lord
  • Julie Measroch
  • Harold Rhéaume
  • Philippe Aubertin
  • Pierre Massé
  • Alexis Bostelmann