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Drawn to Life

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Cirque du Soleil and Disney - Drawn to Life

Set your imagination in motion and get ready for a first-of-its-kind creative collaboration between iconic memory makers Cirque du Soleil® and Disney.

Drawn to Life invites you into an astounding world where the art of Walt Disney Animation is experienced like never before. Gather your whole family for an unforgettable leap into this amazing new show—a live acrobatic journey where our stage is transformed into a giant animation table. The art of classic Disney animation is reinterpreted through innovative design, acrobatic performances, dazzling choreography, eclectic costuming, all-new Disney animation and an original score inspired by timeless Disney music. The show is absolutely alive with all the high-flying, mind-blowing exuberance that Cirque du Soleil is famous for.

This love letter to the art of Disney animation celebrates life in all of its motions and emotions. The show tells the story of a determined girl who discovers one last gift left by her animator father: a sequence of unfinished drawings. Guided by a magical pencil and a quirky troupe of imaginative muses, she embarks on an inspiring quest filled with her childhood Disney memories. We’ll follow her as she leaps into a whimsical world of animation and discovers new possibilities that animate the story of her future. Drawn to Life Presented by Cirque du Soleil & Disney. World Premiere April 17, 2020.

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90 min

Tickets Information

Adult tickets are for ages 12+.
Children tickets are for ages 3-11.
Children 2 and under are free provided they sit on their parent’s lap.

What is the show Drawn to Life about?

This new show follows the story of Julie, a courageous and determined girl who discovers an unexpected gift left by her late father: an unfinished animation piece. Guided by a surprising pencil, she embarks on an inspiring quest sprinkled with her Disney childhood memories. Through this journey, she will learn to imagine new possibilities and animate the story of her future.

Cirque du Soleil Drawn to Life will transport guests into the world of Disney animation in Cirque du Soleil’s signature style. This entirely new experience will wow Walt Disney World guests and Cirque du Soleil fans, both young and old, while bringing timeless Disney stories to life in an unforgettable new way.

Where and when can I see the show Drawn to Life?

Drawn to Life will open for previews on March 20, 2020, and officially premiere on April 17, 2020.

Who is part of the creation team on the show?

The creation team of Drawn to Life, the 50th original production of Cirque du Soleil:

Chief Creative Officer
Diane Quinn

Executive Producer
Charles Joron

Creative Director
Fabrice Becker

Writer and Show Director
Michel Laprise

Set Designer
Stephane Roy

Costume Designer
Philippe Guillotel

Make-up Designer
Eleni Uranis

Acrobatic Designer
Germain Guillemot

Acrobatic Equipment Designer
Danny Zen

Music Composer
Benoit Jutras

Projection Designers
Mathieu St-Arnaud & Félix Fradet-Faguy

Projections Producer

Production Director
Matthew Whelan

Magie Nouvelle
Raphaël Navarro

Puppets Designer
Johanna Elhert

Sound Designer
Jonathan Deans

Light Designer
Martin Labrecque

Comic act Designer
Joe de Paul

Kostiantyn Tomilchenko
Andrew Skeels