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LUZIA is inspired by the people, places, and stories that define Mexico. Take a journey through a dream of Mexico, from the folklore of old to the urban landscape of today.

LUZIA takes you to an imaginary Mexico, like in a waking dream, where light (“luz” in Spanish) quenches the spirit and rain (“lluvia”) soothes the soul. With a surrealistic series of grand visual surprises and breathtaking acrobatic performances, LUZIA cleverly brings to the stage multiple places, faces and sounds of Mexico taken from both tradition and modernity.

Hoop Diving on Treadmills

<p>LUZIA combines hoop diving with two giant treadmills to add a twist on a classic act. The treadmills help the acrobats generate speed, and allow for daring leaps that will blow your mind!</p>

Water as a source of inspiration

<p>Integrating the element of water adds a level of acrobatic complexity never-before-seen under the Big Top at Cirque du Soleil. Cyr Wheel artists perform the unprecedented feat of rolling and spinning under the rain, while an aerialist suspended from a Trapeze flies and twirls through pouring showers.</p>

Take a tour Through Mexico

Graceful Pole Dancing

<p>Our artists gracefully climb and descend poles in this elegant dance. This stunning display of artistry must be seen to be believed!</p>

The Stunning Acrobatics of LUZIA

<p>Stunning acrobatics define LUZIA; featuring music, outfits, and locales inspired by a dreamlike Mexico, take a trip through the surreal imagery that defines Mexican culture!</p>

A Celebration of Mexican Culture

<p>LUZIA embraces the people that make Mexico what it is; from the stunning acts inspired by contemporary urban mexican culture to the animal imagery that is prevalent in Mexican folklore, our Circus Artists take you on a tour through the culture and people of Mexico.</p>

LUZIA is full of twists and turns

<p>Contortionists bend their bodies while you bend your mind to understand how a human can move like that. The surreal journey of LUZIA takes you to many exciting places, as our artists bend the rules of what a body can do!</p>

High Flying Acrobatics

<p>Flying through the air, the artists of LUZIA take to the sky! Stunning costume work inspired by traditional Mexican clothing is visually stunning touch to this act.</p>

Pratical Infos


125 Mins

What is LUZIA?

LUZIA takes you on a journey through an imaginary Mexico. LUZIA is a poetic and acrobatic ode to the rich, vibrant culture of a country whose wealth stems from an extraordinary mix of influences and creative collisions – a land that inspires awe with its breathtaking landscapes and architectural wonders, buoyed by the indomitable spirit of its people.

Is LUZIA appropriate for children?

Like most of Cirque du Soleil’s shows, LUZIA is meant to entertain the whole family. That being said, loud noises and low-light scenes during the show may frighten some younger children.

Will LUZIA merchandise be available?

Yes, there will be LUZIA products available at the on-site gift shop.. You can also visit the Cirque du Soleil Online Boutique.

In which cities can I see LUZIA?

To view the current tour plan for LUZIA please consult this page. To receive email notices for Cirque du Soleil events in your area, join the Cirque Club, it's free!

May I take videos or record the show?

For licensing and security reasons, all photo and video cameras (with or without flash) are strictly prohibited within the Big Top.

Can I get directions to the Big Top?

An automatic email will be sent a week before your performance including information on directions and parking. For more information contact us at Clients Services.