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The Beatles LOVE

About the show

The Beatles LOVE Has Taken Its Last Bow

The show ended its historic Las Vegas run in July 2024 but have no fear, we have plenty of other shows for you in Las Vegas.

A rooftop concert reimagined

<p>Experience the Fab Four like you never have before! LOVE reimagines the music and history of The Beatles, taking you from the high energy shows at The Cavern all the way to the final moments of the Rooftop show in a way that only Cirque du Soleil could. </p>
Colorful characters look and point toward white dressed women dangling from ropes in the air - Beatles Love Las Vegas

Acrobatic skaters soar through the sky

<p>Someone, anyone, help them get their feet back on the ground! Acrobatic skaters fly through the sky to the jangly guitar and soaring harmonies of the classic 1965 track Help!. </p>
Two acrobatic skaters hold upside down to the upper end of a skating slope - Beatles Love

Aquatic animals fill the air

<p>Visit an Octopus's Garden! Stunning costumes and engrossing projection transport you deep beneath the sea, an aquatic playground full of bioluminescent jellyfish, seaweed and mermaids. Ringo&rsquo;s iconic track is brought to life; take a trip you will never forget!</p>
A visual creation representing aquatic animals fills the air in front of an underwater background - Beatles Cirque du Soleil

Graceful aerialists soar to new heights

<p>Embrace the warmth and beauty of nature; Here comes the sun! Elegantly dangling from ropes, circus artists glide through the air to George Harrison&rsquo;s timeless song about hope, renewal, and the positives of change. Just try to make it through this act without singing along!</p>
Graceful aerialists soar to new heights in front of a sunset - Beatles Love tickets

Characters and lyrics come to life

<p>Inspired by the counterculture movement of the 60&rsquo;s and swinging London, the costumes of LOVE capture a specific time and place in which The Beatles started to experiment and redefine popular music. Embark on a Magical Mystery Tour through the style and sounds of the 60&rsquo;s!</p>
Characters dressed in colorful clothes dance on stage to the beat of the 60’s - Love Cirque du Soleil

Confetti rains over the stage

<p>You know them, you love them; It&rsquo;s Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band! Sit Back and Let the Evening Go as the stage erupts in a celebration of The Beatles 1967 psychedelic pop magnum opus.</p>
An artist dances dressed in a beige overcoat while confetti rains over the stage - The Beatles Love Las Vegas

Do you believe in Yesterday?

<p>The chorus to Yesterday infamously came to Paul McCartney in a dream; enter a dreamscape where melancholic aerial acrobats explore the idea of loss, love, and rebirth to the tune of one of the most beloved songs of all time!</p>
Two aerialists hold onto a high swing over stage - Cirque du Soleil Love

A wonderland of bubbles

<p>The vibrant psychedelia of The Beatles late 60&rsquo;s output explodes on the stage. Take a tour through Strawberry Fields, as strange characters blow bubbles, drink tea, and show you all the weirdness that life has to offer. Just remember; in Strawberry Fields, nothing is real!</p>
Two artists are making bubbles using soap coming out of a piano - Cirque du Soleil Love