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Cirque du Soleil stellt Pressemappen mit Informationen zu den verschiedenen Shows und über das Unternehmen zur Verfügung.


Amaluna entführt die Zuschauer auf eine geheimnisvolle Insel, wo Göttinnen herrschen.

Deren Königin Prospera inszeniert für ihre Tochter, die zur Frau herangereift ist, ein großes Fest. In einem farbenprächtigen Ritual werden Wissen und Werte so von einer Generation an die nächste weitergegeben.

Nach einem von Prospera heraufbeschworenen Sturm strandet eine Gruppe junger Männer auf der Insel. Diese Ankunft löst eine epische und emotionale Liebesgeschichte zwischen Prosperas Tochter und einem mutigen jungen Verehrer aus. Doch ihre Liebe wird zunächst auf die Probe gestellt. Die beiden sehen sich zahlreichen Herausforderungen gegenüber und müssen Rückschläge überwinden, bevor Vertrauen, Glaube und Harmonie siegen.


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Amaluna - Nummern

  • Hoop Diving

    Cirque du Soleil | Amaluna: Hoop Diving

    Combining force and agility, the lizards jump through hoops, which will always get higher and higher.

  • Aerial Straps

    The artists fly out over the audience on straps, suspended from the Carousel, a rotating set element high above them. This spectacular demonstration of flight in four dimensions is calling for precision timing, in addition to the skills and physical strength it takes to move at high velocity through 360 degrees.

  • Peacock Dance

    Romeo wanders into the Enchanted Forest where he witnesses the bewitching dance of the Peacock Goddess in her dazzling white dress – a performance that represents the purity of love.

  • Clown Act

    Cirque du Soleil | Amaluna: Clown Act

    Romeo’s manservant Papulya arrives with the young men and promptly falls headover-heels in love with Maïnha, Miranda’s childhood nurse. The feeling is mutual, and pretty soon they are starting a family.

  • Cerceau and Waterbowl

    The Moon Goddess appears to Miranda riding a Cerceau, bestowing her blessing with a haunting song. Romeo watches as Miranda plays in the waterbowl, discovering her own physicality and expressing her sinuous sexuality as she performs a challenging hand-balancing routine before diving and snaking through the water. He joins her in the water, where they innocently play and tentatively kiss for the first time.

  • Uneven Bars

    The captured young men help the Amazons – the fierce feminine force of the island – to present a fast-paced theatrical version of the classic gymnastic routine.

  • Teeterboard

    Fenced in, the young men launch themselves high into the air, twisting and turning in a playful high-speed attempt to escape – at first from gravity then from their prison. They pull off several seemingly impossible feats, like landing in a handstand on another performer’s upturned palms or running across a ministage inclined at a steep angle.

  • Manipulation

    Prospera brings Romeo and Miranda to witness the Balance Goddess creating a world in equilibrium with a mobile made of thirteen palm leaf ribs. An ode to balance, her movements are slow, deliberate and almost meditative as she concentrates all her attention on this literally breathtaking structure. And then she removes the smallest piece, everything disintegrates and the young couple’s trials begin.

  • 1,000 Arms and Sticks

    Inspired by an Indonesian ritual dance, an ominous company of dancers dressed in black and silver performs a choreography that creates an indelible image of one woman with a thousand arms. The Peacock Goddess reappears in an ominous guise and steals Miranda away while a forest of sticks inspired by Vietnamese circus tradition springs up to create a portal to the Underworld through which Romeo must pass.

  • Juggling

    Cali captures Romeo and imprisons him in the waterbowl. To celebrate his victory over his rival, he performs a juggling act with balls that drop in ever greater numbers from the sky above.

  • Icarian Games

    Cirque du Soleil | Amaluna: Icarian Games

    A classic circus arts number involving strength, precision timing and sheer acrobatic skill, as performers lie on their back and flip, twirl and spin another performer on their feet.

  • Magic Pageant

    A shimmering, ethereal cloud of diaphanous red gossamer dances in the air at Prospera’s command. Then the inhabitants of Amaluna revel themselves in a pageant of peacock colours and lights, rich burnished golds and noble materials. This pageant is Prospera’s gift to Miranda, to mark her passage into womanhood.