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In order to better respond to the needs of professional media representatives, Cirque du Soleil asks that questions about specific shows be directed to the media liaison responsible for the region of the world where a show is performing.

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  • OVO in Greensboro

    Andrew Brown
    Greensboro Coliseum
    Greensboro, North Carolina
    United States
    Tel. : (336) 373-7456
  • OVO in Cleveland

    Kelly Luecke
    United States
    Tel. : (216) 712-6292
  • OVO in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles

    Mary Morgan
    Potenza Creative
    United States
    Tel. : 337-408-3254
  • OVO in Charlotte

    Chantal Côté
    Cirque du Soleil
  • OVO in Bridgeport, Hartford

    Saverio Mancini
    Cashman + Katz Integrated Communications
    United States
    Tel. : 860.748.8750
  • OVO in Bangor

    Tiffany Sun
    Cross Insurance Center - Spectra Venue Management
    United States
    Tel. : 207.561.8310