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In order to better respond to the needs of professional media representatives, Cirque du Soleil asks that questions about specific shows be directed to the media liaison responsible for the region of the world where a show is performing.

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All countries:
  • OVO

    Nicolas Chabot
    Cirque du Soleil
    United States
    Tel. : 702-496-9910
  • OVO in Baltimore

    Nicole Halsey
    Weinberg Harris & Associates
    Baltimore, Maryland
    United States
    Tel. : 410-243-1333 ext. 232
  • OVO in Fairfax

    Aba Kwawu
    TAA |PR
    3112 M Street
    Fairfax, Virginia 20007
    United States
    Tel. : 202-846-1731
  • OVO in North Charleston

    Shannon Loughran
    Leapfrog PR
    North Charleston, South Carolina
    United States
    Tel. : 860.328.1451.
  • OVO in Brooklyn, Uniondale

    Marc Thibodeau
    The Publicity Office
    Brooklyn, New York
    United States
    Tel. : (212) 365-6851
  • OVO in Boston

    Darren DeLuca
    United States
    Tel. : (603) 489-7624
  • OVO in Hamilton, London

    Jackie Koffman
    Holmes PR
    London, Ontario
    Tel. : 416-628-5608
  • OVO in Laval

    Isabelle Longtin
    Roy & Turner Communications
    Tel. : (514) 844-9678, ext. 212
  • OVO in Jacksonville

    Jorge Martinez
    The Conroy Martinez Group
    Jacksonville, Jacksonville
    Tel. : (305) 445-7550
  • OVO in Jacksonville, Miami, Sunrise

    Hanna Thornton
    The Conroy Martinez Group
    Tel. : 305-445-7550