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In order to better respond to the needs of professional media representatives, Cirque du Soleil asks that questions about specific shows be directed to the media liaison responsible for the region of the world where a show is performing.

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All countries:
  • Varekai in Sunrise

    Jose Boza
    The Boza Agency
    United States
    Tel. : 786-326-7988
  • Varekai in Baltimore

    Nicole Halsey
    Weinberg Harris & Associates
    Baltimore, Maryland
    United States
    Tel. : 410-243-1333 ext. 232
  • Varekai in Tampa

    Mary Lou Janson
    United States
    Tel. : 813-361-1061
  • Varekai in Toronto, Ottawa

    Jackie Koffman
    Holmes PR
    Toronto, Ontario
    Tel. : 416-628-5608
  • Varekai

    Vanessa Napoli
    Cirque du Soleil-Varekai Publicist
  • Varekai in Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento

    Julie Richter
    Charles Zukow Associates
    Fresno, California
    United States
    Tel. : 415.296.0677
  • Varekai in Fairfax

    Sheila Francis
    Patriot Center
    United States
    Tel. : 202.628.3200 x6042
  • Varekai in Winnipeg

    Karen Ilchena
    Karen Ilchena communications
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Tel. : 204-224-8633
  • Varekai in Vancouver, Victoria

    Cecilia Kim
    Citizen Relations
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Tel. : 604-647-6281
  • Varekai in Penticton

    Stephanie Loo de Nevers
    Magpie Marketing
    British Columbia
    Tel. : 250.470.7821
  • Varekai in Boston

    Liz Owens
    Allied Marketing
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Tel. : 617-425-8937
  • Varekai in Spokane

    Becca Watters
    Spokane arena
    Spokane, Washington
    United States
    Tel. : 509.279.7105