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From a group of 20 street performers at its beginnings in 1984, Cirque du Soleil is a major Québec-based organization providing high-quality artistic entertainment. The company has close to 4,000 employees, including 1,300 artists from more than 50 different countries.


Jasmine Catudal

Props Co-Designer

A 2003 design graduate from the National Theatre School of Canada, Jasmine Catudal has designed props and sets for some 50 stage plays produced in Quebec at Montreal's Théâtre Espace Libre, l'Espace Go, the Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui and Théâtre de la Licorne, among others. Her career has also led her to create sets, costumes and props for television, dance, opera and music.

In Jasmine’s quest for stimulating artistic experiences she discovered an affinity with artists who develop their own language, including Kemeid Olivier, for whom she created the staging of The Aeneid. In 2004 she designed the sets and costumes for a show by singer-songwriter Tomás Jensen, and the following year she created the sets for three one-act operas produced by I Musici de Montréal.

A devotee of theatre, dance and art history, Jasmine Catudal is interested in mixing artistic disciplines. In 2007 she co-founded the OFF.T.A Festival, an urban art event in Montreal whose programming promotes a fusion of theatre, dance and stage performances, and is currently the artistic director general of the festival.

In 2004, Jasmine worked on the props for the Cirque du Soleil show KÀ, but Banana Shpeel is the first show she has worked on at Cirque as the Props Co-Designer.

"The lines between old and new are blurred in the sets and props on Banana Shpeel,” says Jasmine Catudal. “We've delved into the history of vaudeville and are updating this form of artistic expression with a breath of fresh air."

Jasmine Catudal was born near Montreal in 1978.