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Corteo, which means "cortege" in Italian, is a joyous procession, a festive parade imagined by a clown. The show brings together the passion of the actor with the grace and power of the acrobat to plunge the audience into a theatrical world of fun, comedy and spontaneity situated in a mysterious space between heaven and earth.

The clown pictures his own funeral taking place in a carnival atmosphere, watched over by quietly caring angels. Juxtaposing the large with the small, the ridiculous with the tragic and the magic of perfection with the charm of imperfection, the show highlights the strength and fragility of the clown, as well as his wisdom and kindness, to illustrate the portion of humanity that is within each of us. The music, by turns lyrical and playful, carries Corteo through a timeless celebration in which illusion teases reality.


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Corteo - Characters

  • The Clowness

    The Clowness is an actress, a veritable Grande Dame of the stage, who somehow found herself a part of this nutty troupe. Her professionalism and her strength of character allow her to bear the foolishness of her partners, whom she never fails to charm.

  • Mauro the Dreamer Clown

    Mauro the Dreamer Clown is the central character of the story, the one who is being honored by this fantastic funeral… but could it all be a dream? With former members of the troupe surrounding him, he dons his costume to perform onstage one last time.

  • The Giant Clown

    Although only an amateur opera singer, the Giant Clown imagines himself to be a great artist of worldwide renown. Without doubt, it is with him that the Dead Clown is closest, almost like brothers.

  • The Little Clown

    A diminutive clown who’s in love with the Clowness, the Little Clown is always ready to play tricks on his associates. Impish and lively, he is both an endearing companion and a force to be reckoned with.

  • Mr. Loyal (The Whistler)

    The origins of the role of “Mr. Loyal”, lie in the ringmaster of traditional circuses. Mr. Loyal evokes images of a former military man, one who has retrained in the circus arts but never quite lost his former ways. When he starts to whistle, his boundless artistic passion comes to the fore.

  • The White Clown

    For the White Clown, appearances are what matters most. Like Mr. Loyal, he is an authority figure… at least, he’d like to be. Of all the colourful characters, he admires only the stars and scorns the others. He is the one who opens the door to the magic of the circus for Mauro the Dreamer Clown.

  • The August Clown

    The August Clown is the White Clown’s antagonist. As much as the White Clown represents order and appearances, the August Clown is the one who always messes everything up and, as a result, finds himself in the most incredible situation. The August Clown is a physical character; he is prone to falling down and his companions give him a rough ride, especially the White Clown.

  • The Little Angel

    The embodiment of sweetness and light, the Little Angel watches over the Dreamer Clown’s bed and acts as his guide, like Beatrice, who guided Dante through Paradise. It is the Little Angel who teaches the Dreamer Clown to fly.