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Epic Battles: Vertical Choreography

<p>Discover the glory of battle and the rush of victory in KÀ. This is a war like no other; watch as our combatants display daring acts and great feats of strength in a must-see Cirque du Soleil show.</p>
Artists simulate a battle in a vertical choreography and are moving on a wall - Kà Cirque du Soleil

A 360 Degree Stage

<p>Discover the glory of battle and the rush of victory in KÀ. This is a war like no other; watch as our combatants display daring acts and great feats of strength in a must-see Cirque du Soleil show.</p>
Close up look of the 360-degree stage in the MGM Grand - Kà theater in Las Vegas

An Aerial Duet

<p>In chaos there is beauty; our aerial acrobat gracefully glides through the air in this stunning puppet duet act.</p>
Two artists holding hands perform an aerial duet - Kà

A Fight For Honor

<p>Some fight for anger, or pride, while others fight for honor; the fight choreography of KÀ is truly stunning. This fight is an honorable one.</p>
Muscled and tattooed man carries an enemy over his head in a battle choreography - Cirque du Soleil Kà

Balancing Act

<p>The machines of war are cruel; watch as these warriors climb, balance, and fling themselves across the wheel of death. This contraption is intimidating, with multiple moving parts, but our warriors are up to the challenge.</p>
Man wearing a white and red costume balances over the wheel of death contraption - Kà Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas

Sword Play

<p>The spark of steel on steel ignites the stage as the imperial twins cross swords. In the world of KÀ, even the elite must know their way around a blade.</p>
Two performers dressed in traditional Asian clothing fight with swords - Kà show

The Archer's Daughter Graceful Dance

<p>On unreliable terrain it's important to be versatile; the archers daughter is ready for anything, as she gracefully hops and glides through the air in an acrobatic act that will leave you in awe.</p>
Dancer hops and glides through the air during an acrobatic act - Kà show Las Vegas

The Counselor and his Son

<p>Meet the war counselor and his son, and note their elegant outfits. The costume design of KÀ is highly detailed, colourful, and displays the class and status of this diverse cast of characters.</p>
Two men dressed in traditional Asian clothing look like they are going to plot something - Kà by Cirque du Soleil

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Practical Info


90 Mins

What is the story of KÀ?

KÀ combines acrobatic prowess, martial arts, puppets, interactive video projections and pyrotechnics to tell the epic story of a pair of twins - a boy and a girl - who embark on a perilous journey to fulfil their shared destiny.

What does KÀ mean?

KÀ is the essence that shapes the destiny of our very lives. The fire that has the power to unite or separate, and the energy which may destroy or illuminate. The word KÀ tracks back to an ancient Egyptian belief in a spiritual duplicate of the body: that which accompanies all of us throughout this life and into the next. In the story of KÀ, this spirit connects our two heroes as they make their separate ways through life, love, and an empire at war.

How long is KÀ show?

KÀ is 90 minutes long without intermission.

Where can I see KÀ?

KÀ is presented at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is KÀ appropriate for children?

Children under the age of 3 are not permitted to see KÀ due some scenes that incorporate loud noises and darkness.

Will there be KÀ merchandise available?

Yes, there will be KÀ products available at the MGM Grand boutique.

How can I meet the artists of KÀ?

Please join us for the KÀ Royal VIP Experience, which includes an intimate artist meet and greet.

Is there a VIP Experience for KÀ?

The KÀ Royal VIP Experience is now available and on sale. For tickets please click here.