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Mad Apple

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Enter a NY Club worthy of New York’s most famous faces and fabulous cocktails.
Beams of light surround a performer dressed in black clothes carrying juggling clubs in his hand - Mad Apple Las Vegas New York City


Tumbling and flipping across all five boroughs, Taxi Cab Tumblers will stun and amaze.
Two acrobats achieve icarian games - Mad Apple New York City Big Apple show


The Gala Girl has arrived at the Met, and you’ve never seen high fashion this high.
Acrobat does an aerial split during a hair hanging act - Mad Apple cirque New York New York in Las Vegas


The Bridge Stormers leap across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge with agility, grace and fearlessness.
The bridge stormers leap across Brooklyn Bridge reconstitution - Cirque du Soleil Mad Apple New York New York show in Las Vegas


Get into the Game with the NoHo Nets.
Dancers dressed in basketball clothes pose on the stage and look at the crowd - Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil New York New York in Las Vegas


Immerse yourself in a breathtaking soundtrack of iconic New York-inspired hits.
Musician plays New-York inspired hits on drums during the show - Mad Apple tickets Big Apple show New York New York in Las Vegas


This death-defying industrial act will put you in an Empire State of Mind.
Performer jumps high over an empire state looking contraption - Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas Big Apple New York City show

Practical Info


80 min

Why is 18 years old the minimum age to attend the show?

Mad Apple contains adult language and themes during its comedy segments that are not appropriate for a younger audience. Due to the content of the show, guests under the age of 18 are not permitted.

How long is Mad Apple?

The Mad Apple performance is 80 minutes, but guests are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes early to catch the pre-show acts.

Where will you be able to get a cocktail before the show?

One of the unique features of Mad Apple is a bar set into the stage, emulating a New York nightclub. Audience members are encouraged to arrive early and grab a drink from the stage bars and witness up-close magic while you wait for the show to begin.

Will the acts in Mad Apple change?

The show will have a rotating cast, infusing new talent multiple times a year.

Will Mad Apple merchandise be available?

Mad Apple merchandise may be purchased at the Cirque du Soleil Online Boutique, or at the on-site boutique at New York-New York Hotel.