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Fan Favorite Videos

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One of a Kind Aquatic Acrobatics!

<p>Watch as the aerial hoop acrobats dance across the top of the water, gliding gracefully in an elegant display of circus artistry. "O" features a unique hybrid of classic circus acts with an aquatic twists.</p>
Aerial hoop acrobats dance across the top of the water covering the stage - O

The Ghostly Bateau

<p>A spectral boat floats through the mist; the ghost bateau is upon us. This dread inducing ship is captained by spirits, but your fears will soon be put to rest as you witness the stunning artistry these sailors are about to showcase!</p>
Spectral boat floats over the water covered stage - O Cirque du Soleil

A Surreal Dance Above the Waves

<p>Journey above the waves and witness a surreal underwater dance on the Cadre! Watch as these submerged artists elegantly glide in a synchronized swimming performance.</p>
Artists dressed in zebra striped clothing dance on a metallic frame over water - Cirque du Soleil O

An Elemental Battle

<p>Fire engulfs the pool; watch as our circus artists show that they have truly mastered the elements in this high octane act. We bring the heat; will water or fire prevail?</p>
Artist surrounds itself with fire during act - Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas

Highly Daring High Diving

<p>Are you ready to take the plunge into the wondrous world of "O"? These divers certainly are! From atop their precarious perch, several acrobats dive into the glistening pool in a stunning display of bravery!</p>
Divers perform high diving from perches - Cirque du Soleil

An Underwater World

<p>A team of highly skilled underwater performers are supported by our team of trained technicians, who help out beneath the waves!</p>
O synchonized swimmers stand on each other's shoulders underwater - O by Cirque du Soleil

From Air to Ocean

<p>Flying high above the waves, our aerial acrobats show a mastery of the skies. Is there any element our circus artists haven't mastered?</p>
A trapezist surrounded by a metallic structure performs an aerial act - O Las Vegas

Meet the Vibrant Cast

<p>Meet the colorful cast of "O"! From the vibrant zebras who dance upon the waves to the high divers and hoop acrobats that glide elegantly through the sky, "O" is full of stunning sights and sounds that could only come from the creative team at <em>Cirque du Soleil</em>!</p>
Artists dressed in zebra striped clothing pose on a water covered stage - O show Las Vegas

Augmented Reality

Let yourself be transported into Cirque du Soleil’s Augmented Reality experience inspired by "O". Discover this aquatic masterpiece in the palm of a Snapchatter’s hand, leveraging advanced motion capture technology to recreate the artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance of "O". Produced in partnership with Verizon and Snapchat.

Practical Info


90 Mins

What Is "O"?

"O" pays homage to the magic of theatre - from simple street performances to extravagant operas - where all is possible and life’s drama unfolds before our very eyes. World-class acrobats, artistic swimmers, divers and enchanting characters demonstrate their aquatic prowess in, on and above the water resulting in an extraordinary experience.

How long is "O"?

"O" is 90 minutes long, with no intermission.

What is the bag policy at "O"?

No shopping bags, luggage, or backpacks will be permitted into the Theatre except for small personal bags or purses (9″ x 5″x 2″ max).

Is "O" appropriate for children?

The minimum age to attend "O" is 5 years old. Please note that "O" uses louds sounds and periods of darkness which may frighten some children.

Will "O" merchandise be available?

"O" merchandise may be purchased at the on-site boutique at Bellagio.

Can I meet the artists of "O"?

Guests of our La Grande Expérience enjoy a meet & greet and professional photo with "O" artists before the show. This would be the only opportunity to meet with "O" artists.