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Cirque du Soleil SPIRIT

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<p>Ayla is a young colour scientist who strives endlessly to find a particular shade of red tied to fondest memories of her father, a whisky maker. Consumed by this quest, Ayla has almost completely withdrawn from the natural world around her.</p>
Cirque du Soleil Ayla


<p> Davonna is the fierce spiritual protector of the Highlands and all its inhabitants. Vivacious and strong-willed, she takes Ayla under her wing and foresees a great and noble destiny for her. </p>
Cirque du Soleil Davonna


Salty and off the beaten track, Fergus infuses the world with tricks and riddles and humour. Fergus befriends Ayla and helps her to see the wondrous world she is missing out on.
Cirque du Soleil Fergus


<p> Keeper of nature's equilibrium, Cothra is a very spiritually grounded and calm being whose constant practice of balancing inspires a trance-like mediation in those around her. </p>
Cirque du Soleil Cothra