Through Es Devlin’s exceptional creative lens, Cirque du Soleil 2020 will showcase high-level acrobatics with a striking and disruptive visual universe.

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Life Flourishes on the Battlefields of Kà

The battlefields are alive in Kà as the stage shifts, and our warriors are forced to fight on the land and in the sky. This spectacle combines martial arts, pyrotechnics and a unique setting that will leave you in awe.

Discover the world of Kà today!

Practical Info


90 Mins

What is Kà?

KÀ combines acrobatic prowess, martial arts, puppets, interactive video projections and pyrotechnics to tell the epic story of a pair of twins - a boy and a girl - who embark on a perilous journey to fulfil their shared destiny.

Is Kà appropriate for children?

Children under the age of 5 are not permitted to see Kà due some scenes that incorporate loud noises and darkness.

Will there be Kà merchandise available?

Yes, there will be Kà products available at the MGM Grand boutique

How can I meet the artists of Kà?

At this time, it is not currently possible to meet with KÀ artists or trainers.

Are there Kà gift cards?

Cirque du Soleil does offer gift cards. The gift card applies only towards the purchase of tickets for shows presented within the United States and Canada and is redeemable only at the Gift Card Shop.

How can I go backstage at KÀ?

Returning in 2022. Guests of our Imperial Experience enjoy a brief backstage tour, so that is recommended. Also returning in 2022 is our highly-informational sneak-peek at our technology and behind-the-scenes operations in our free KÀ 360 Experience.

Is there a VIP ROUGE option for KÀ?

Yes, returning in 2022. Learn more about our Imperial Experience here.