FallBack Hero

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<p>Bruno is the awkward but endearing protagonist of the story who falls hopelessly in love at first sight when he catches a glimpse of Loulou on a balcony overhead. From that moment on, he sets out on a mission to win her heart … with a little help from new friends he meets along the way.</p>
Draft of Bruno, the black haired protagonist dressed in dark brown clothes - Amora Cirque du Soleil


<p>The enchanting heroine of the story, Loulou is Bruno’s object of affection (and obsession). She remains an enigma throughout the show, always appearing just out of reach. Her captivating beauty and talent for the trapeze make her an irresistible mystery.</p>
Draft of Loulou, the heroine of the story in a blue dress covered with red flowers - Amora


<p>Suave, sophisticated and unapologetically self-assured, the Monsieur character walks with a cane he doesn’t need just to make an entrance. An aerial pole aficionado, he jumps on every opportunity to show off his skills. And he tries to teach Bruno how to put his own athletic prowess on proud display to win over Loulou.</p>
Draft of the protagonist named Monsieur, he is dressed in a purple and red plaid outfit and leans on his cane - Cirque du Soleil Amora

Miss Gina

<p>Gina is the epitome of a beauty queen … with the Miss Malta sash to prove it! A striking beauty and elegant antipodist, she juggles with balls that multiply like magic and throws them out to the adoring crowd that forms wherever she goes.</p>
Draft of Miss Gina in a white dress with polka dots - Cirque du Soleil

The Bello Sisters

<p>The 3 sisters are a tight-knit trio of teens with attitude. Perpetually chewing gum, their favourite place to be is at the beach, soaking up the sun and pining over the objects of their desire: the 3 cousins.</p>
Draft of the three bello sisters respectively dressed in a red, yellow and orange dress - Amora cirque

The 3 cousins

<p>Smooth, full of themselves and seemingly invincible, the 3 cousins love to show off. Masters of the teeterboard, they take Bruno under their wing like big brothers, showing him how to jump to new heights to impress Loulou while teaching him that it’s ok to fall down—as long as you rise up again.</p>
Draft of the three cousins respectively dressed in red, orange and yellow - cirque Amora

Les Fêtards

<p>This talented troupe is fun, festive and full of life, performing a gravity-defying Russian Cradle act that sees them soaring through the sky together in awe inspiring synch.</p>
Draft of a lady in a bright pink dress and heart shaped glasses - Amora tickets

Duo Gelato

<p>Ice cream vendors in the village, this comedic pair turns up the energy and entertainment wherever they go. When they whistle, the whole town comes running to get a taste of their sweet treats ...and a front-row seat to their hypnotizing unicycle act.</p>
Draft of two ice cream vendors dressed in green and blue clothing - Cirque du Soleil Amora