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Are you ready to take the plunge?
The Cirque du Soleil Group has experienced a whole series of acrobatics and contortions in recent months. But we are ambitious and passionate about our work, and we always know how to get back on our feet, even after perilous somersaults.
So our hearts beat very hard at the idea of rebuilding our business and dreaming about its grandiose future. Do you have the daring we need to rise to the challenge? By joining us, you will be working in unknown territory, but where you can make a real difference.
Reporting operationally to the Artistic Director, and under the governance of the Manager of Human Performance Services – Performance Medicine, the Head Therapist will be responsible for:
·            Ensuring that all arrangements and agreements made between Cirque du Soleil and other medical authorities and institutions are being respected in an ethical and professional manner;
·            Ensuring that all the department's daily operational needs are being met at the highest possible standard of professionalism, care and ethics;
·            Adherence to the direction of and timely communication with the show’s Artistic Direction and Manager of Human Performance Services (PMed); 
·            Adherence to optimal safety guidelines and processes within the Artists’ working and performance environment;
·            Fostering interdependent relationships with the members of the artistic team while being responsible for the active and professional contribution of the Performance Medicine (PMed) department to functional decision-making processes (Human Performance Risk Management); 
·            Fostering a positive, stimulating and ethical working environment for the PMed Department staff while being responsible for the guidance and supervision of their functioning and professional growth and development; 
·            Promptly conveying all pertinent information to the Manager of Human Performance Services (PMed), while actively participating in periodic meetings and reporting.
·            Performing all relevant tasks inherent to the position of Head Therapist of PMed in a professional, ethical manner and at a highest possible standard of care; 
·            Coordinating the day-to-day operations of the PMed Department which amongst other duties includes: scheduling of staff, maintenance of supplies all while ensuring the workspace is properly and professionally organized and maintained at all times; 
·            While keeping focus on the specific needs and challenges of the local show environment, ensuring contribution to the success of the entire Department as needed; 
·            Participating with the show’s Artistic Direction and Manager of Human Performance Services (PMed) in the evaluation of PMed Therapist staff as well as the establishment of their performance objectives; 
·            Helping manage budget and ordering for specific projects in relation to the PMed Department's needs; 
·            Communicate with Artistic Team regarding injury timelines to allow the show to determine necessity for temporary replacements and provide recommendations for external care when appropriate; 
·            Collaborate with the Manager of Human Performance Services (PMed) to identify show specific injury trends for potential analysis.  Actively assisting the Division by determining its needs in terms of proper medical resources and continually ensuring these resources are sufficiently qualified to meet the show community's requirements; communicate medical network needs and feedback to the Manager of Human Performance Services (PMed); 
·            Compile a comprehensive list of medical resources at the end of each city run and communicate these to the Manager of Human Performance Services (PMed); .
·            Ensuring that all care, prevention, rehabilitation, and health care administration is being delivered at the highest possible standard of care, while relevant to the functional demand of our Artists and environment; 
·            Ensuring that the environment’s emergency response preparedness in relation to our Artists is at the highest possible state of readiness and well documented – this requires regular close interactions with members of the emergency support team; 
·            Ensuring that, in time of necessity, emergency response and care is being delivered in a safe and professional manner; 
·            Stimulating and fostering close functional relationships with Coaches and other Artistic team members in establishing and implementing programs directed at the prevention of injury in an effort to achieve optimal performance, relevant to an Artists’ specific needs ; make recommendations for referrals, when appropriate, for medical conditions (psychological and nutritional); 
·            Collaboration with Coaching Department to create moments of exchange for feedback and problem solving in regards to strength and conditioning, reintegration planning, and performance support; 
·            Ensuring that all medical information, interactions and interventions are being documented and communicated as per medico-legal and Cirque du Soleil specific requirements including but not limited to MediCirque and completion of necessary legal/insurance documents, while making sure Artist-Therapist confidentiality is being adhered to at all times; 
·            Ensuring that Artists are accompanied to medical appointments whenever indicated; 
·            Collaborate with artistic team to ensure clear communication regarding PMed recommendations for Artist functional restrictions; 
·            Maintaining a direct link with the show’s appropriate representative regarding insurance and worker's compensation needs; ensuring all necessary information, forms and reports are communicated and delivered in a timely and organized manner; 
·            Ensure that the workspace is properly and professionally organized and maintained; 
·            Maintain adequate stocks of medical and emergency supplies for the PMed Department. 
·            University-degree and valid license in Athletic Therapy or Athletic Training or Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy (Master’s degree preferred);
·            Valid CPR/AED certification (additional Emergency Sports First Responder or EMT courses preferred); 
·            Minimum 6 years relevant clinical experience (on-field/event coverage preferred); 
·            Actively engage in ongoing professional learning and development with emphasis on manual therapy techniques, exercise progression, and emergency care;
·            Experience managing/leading staff or teams;
·            Experience working with high-caliber athletes;
·            Ability to work in a culturally diverse environment;
·            Ability to quickly adapt to unexpected situations and work with a variable schedule while working under pressure;
·            Ability to work and communicate with medical professionals;
·            Good computer skills;
·            Strong organizational, management, and leadership skills;
·            Fluency in English (French an asset);
·            Available to tour 100% of the time and to work in foreign countries. 

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