In 2006, we adopted an environmental policy to promote our commitments in this area. This policy is based on major themes: water management, greenhouse gas (GHG) management, residual and hazardous waste management, and employee education and awareness building.

Cirque du Soleil black and white tent

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction and compensation

In order to reduce our GHG emissions, we have set for ourselves the ambitious goal of connecting our shows to cities' power grids whenever possible, rather than using generators to create energy. This new approach began in 2015 with the show KOOZA in Vancouver and continued in 2016 with the show LUZIA. Every effort is made to favor the use of electricity wherever it is the best choice.

In addition, we have chosen a lighter-colored canvas for our new Big Top. Unlike our traditional Big Top, this canvas reflects the sun's rays, which reduces our air-conditioning needs.

Cirque du Soleil is part of a new urban heating network that links its International Headquarters (IHQ) to the Biomont power plant in the Saint‑Michel district of Montreal. The company transforms biogas from the landfill site of the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex into electricity. Controlled combustion of the biogas produces electricity. The residual heat of the process is recovered and supplies the heating systems of the IHQ. This reduces our emissions by more than 1,200 tons per year.

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Cirque du Soleil Headquarter

Recycling and compost

At our International Headquarters, we have several initiatives that promote recycling and composting, including sorting stations. In addition, all of the single-use items at our cafeteria are compostable, and we have several activities that raise employee awareness.

Under the Big Top, recycling is in place in our entrance tent, and we make recycling and composting easy for the 200 artists and employees.

As for our resident shows in Las Vegas, our partners, MGM and Treasure Island, recycle all of their recyclable materials as well.

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Glass cone used as a rain and melted snow barrel

Source Reduction

Source reduction is a key component of any environmental approach and is a continuous part of all our operations. Several initiatives have been implemented, including two-sided printing and removal of disposable cups and dishes, in addition to actions to reduce water consumption.

One of the reduction projects directly affects creation at Cirque du Soleil. It concerns the design and production of costumes. We are constantly looking for new methods and materials that will allow us to increase the lifespan of our costumes. By choosing the right materials and better manufacturing techniques, we can reduce the amount of materials used and keep losses to a minimum.

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Our International Headquarters: a constant evolution

Our International Headquarters is certified BOMA BEST® Level 3. This certification recognizes our environmental practices and our healthy workplace. BOMA BEST® covers six aspects: energy, water, waste reduction and sites, effluent emissions, the indoor environment and the environmental management system. We are committed to applying and improving the measures that have enabled us to obtain this certification. One of these measures involves harvesting rainwater from part of our IHQ’s roofs and parking area in an underground tank. This water supplies some of our toilets and is also used to water our garden.

In addition to our structures certified BOMA BEST®, we want to contribute to the protection of our area’s biodiversity. Four beehives were therefore installed on our terraces. This project is carried out in collaboration with Alvéole. In addition to an environmental contribution, these pollinators provide an opportunity to educate our employees about the importance of bees and their essential role in the food chain.

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