“The art of Richard MacDonald reveals the infinite beauty of the human body. The characters he creates are playing forever in the theatre of life,” Guy Laliberté

The galleries are born out of a relationship between Guy Laliberté, Founder of Cirque du Soleil, and Richard MacDonald, a master of figurative sculpture. MacDonald feels that he and Laliberté are “similar in life long creative goals.”

His work focuses on the spectrum of performing life, capturing a fleeting moment in time and immortalizing the grace, strength, joy and discipline of dancers and acrobats. His artistic vision shares the creativity and imagination that fuels Cirque du Soleil and conveys MacDonald’s sense of energy and passion.

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The magical and creative energy shared by Cirque du Soleil and Richard MacDonald has drawn them together, once again, to create one of the most spectacular gallery spaces in Las Vegas, where performance is captured by the timeless and enduring art of sculpture.
Located at Crystals in CityCenter, over 50 bronze sculptures are presented, including 10 heroic-size works, and it features newly released original drawings and paintings by the artist. Highlights of this spectacular gallery space include a 40-foot waterfall, split face stone walls and dynamic steel curved niches. At 3,600 square feet the gallery is one of the world's premier sculpture spaces.


Over 50 bronze sculptures of Richard MacDonald along with original drawings, serigraphs and lithographs featuring circus and performance artists are permanently exhibited and sold in the newly renovated “O” Theatre lobby at Bellagio.