Altima Concept

"When organizing an event, the important thing is to find the right idea for our customers and be perfect in its execution. Cirque du Soleil’s corporate event component is ideal to be sure of a successful event!’’

Zelda Barbier
Director of Operations, Altima Concept
Absolutely Unique

Attending a Cirque du Soleil performance is an exceptional experience all by itself. Combined with a VIP package and a visit Behind the Scenes after the show, it becomes an event unrivalled in terms of originality. For this reason, Altima Concept, an event-planning firm, recommended that its client organize a prestige evening at Cirque du Soleil for its 30 guests. 

Turnkey Simplicity

For an agency specializing in the organization of events, Cirque du Soleil’s packages represent the ideal offer. Available as turnkey events, they can be customized according to the particularities of each client or each event. And since everyone likes Cirque du Soleil shows, the agency knew it would be an outstanding performance. 

A Totally Satisfied New Customer

The experience was greatly appreciated by each and every participant, who were all treated like kings during this prestigious evening. For a first collaboration with a new client, Altima Concept obtained a perfect score and was able to initiate a business relationship based on solid ground. The event-planning firm is determined to repeat this extraordinary experience with its other clients!