Unilever Canada

"Cirque du Soleil’s VIP package is available as a turnkey event and that’s important for us; it allows us to share a memorable moment with our customers. We have nothing to worry regarding the entire organization of our prestige event."

Martin Payant
National Sales Manager, Unilever Canada
Every Detail Counts

For over 10 years, Unilever has been organizing VIP events at Cirque du Soleil to thank its strategic business partners in a most amazing way. The company particularly appreciates the ease of organization and, especially, the prestigious appeal of this corporate offer. "Cirque du Soleil pays particular attention to every detail: a creative dinner, a unifying intermission where everyone shares their impressions on the first part of the show, and a small gift for each guest at the end of this extraordinary evening" - Martin Payant.

Similar Corporate Values

Unilever appreciates the association of its brand with that of Cirque du Soleil. The sharing of similar corporate values such as surpassing oneself, attention to detail and the creation of events that stimulate the imagination are the same strengths that the company wants to project in communications with business partners. 

An Event that Appeals to All

An invitation to Cirque du Soleil is a sure way to treat guests to an experience that will capture the imagination of all, men and women alike! It is an ideal outing to generate positive emotions, unlike a sporting event where the good mood of participants will depend on which team wins the event!