Le Tremplin School

"Our outing to Cirque du Soleil was memorable. It gave our students the chance to discover a creative universe they had no idea about and they realized that there is an infinite number of jobs that they might wish to do in the future."

Sylviane Enseignante 200x200
Sylvianne Charrette
Sixth Grade Teacher, Le Tremplin School
An enriching school outing

A group of students aged 10 to 12 years attended a LUZIA performance to mark the end of the school year. The teachers responsible for the activity wanted them to experience a show with high entertainment value and, at the same time, give them something to dream about. Wide-eyed and on the edge of their seats, these students lived an experience they won’t soon forget.

A link with the school program

Before attending the show, students had to produce a full press kit as part of their school program including, for example, the history of Cirque du Soleil, an overview of its past performance products, a presentation of the different positions required to present these performances, etc. Teachers created links with various subjects, including French, graphic arts and dramatic arts. The students even prepared a critique of the performance once back in class.

Something to dream about

Cirque du Soleil produces shows of unmatched originality. Such a rich cultural universe, combined with the artists’ excellent execution, demonstrates to young viewers all the possibilities that life offers them and encourages them to dream of achieving the highest summits.

An experience worth repeating

Organizing this school outing was very simple for teachers and it was done very efficiently. Keeping in mind that the cost of group tickets fell within the estimated budget for the activity, it is certain that new groups of students will have the chance to dive into the creative universe of Cirque du Soleil when it comes back to town!